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IUDs are safe. My wife has successfully used one for more than three years. They are nice because they do not cause the side effects of many other Birth Control options. Unfortunately, at times, it can create some discomfort for the man because the string attached to the IUD can make contact with the penis during intercourse. In my experience, it is not often enough to suggest any other form of birth control. (of course they do not help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.) I don't recall the specifics, but the website for planned parenthood contains information about the pros and cons of all types of birth control, including IUDs. Good luck! I have an IUD Mirena, which was great until 2 days ago I became the less than 1% who can become pregnant and I didn't know what could happen until i read the mirena website and now I'm facing alot of scary stuff like i might lose the pregnancy you should know all the info before you decide.

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Q: Is the iud safe
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Is it safe to get pregnant after an IUD removal?

Yes, it is as safe to get pregnant after IUD removal as it is to get pregnant before IUD insertion.

Is it safe to come inside a woman with an IUD?

yes it is safe.

Is it safe to have an expired IUD in place?


Is it safe to mix IUD with Ben Wah Balls?

Ben Wah Balls will not affect the IUD.

Is it safe to keep an IUD in after 10 years?

There are no health risks from keeping an IUD in after its useful life, although a hormonal IUD may become less effective.

Is it safe to get pregnant after removing IUD?

Y e s

Is a Mirena IUD as safe as any other make?

Mirena IUD birth control method is generally safe and it doesn't cause major problems. In some cases there are side effects, such as obesity, depression and dizziness.

Can you get pregnant after having an IUD for 2 years then removed?

Yes. It is very well expected to have your protection terminated after you get the IUD removed. You can get the pregnancy in due course of time. IUD inserted by the qualified person are very safe method of contraception.

How often it is safe to use IUD after first pregnancy?

It may be perfectly safe, but I have child number three due to IUD that didnt work after being put in when my second child was 6 weeks old. They are 15 months apart in age.

Is not having a period with an IUD safe?

Not having a period with a hormonal IUD like Liletta, Mirena, or Skyla is safe. Like all hormonal methods, these hormonal IUDs decrease menstrual bleeding and thus decrease the risk of endometrial cancer and Mirena. Not having a period with the copper IUD (Paragard) may be a sign of pregnancy and should be checked out.

Is IUD good for people who have not given birth?

The IUD is safe and effective in women who have not given birth. There may be a bit more cramping during insertion for a woman who has not had a vaginal delivery.

How safe is a Paragard IUD normally?

The ParaGard IUD is one of the safest IUDs to use. It is made of copper, is hormone free, can stay inserted for a long time and can be inserted and removed by your gynecologist.

What is the differnec between a copper IUD and a multi load IUD?

A Multiload IUD is a copper IUD.

Is the Mirena IUD effective and safe?

The Mirena IUD is safe and effective. It is considered a highly-effective method. IUDs and contraceptive implants are recommended as first-choice methods for adolescents by the American Academy of Pediatrics and ACOG. Talk with your healthcare provider for advice specific to your situation.

How old do you have to be to get an IUD?

It really depends on your health care provider, but current standards of practice in the US acknowledge that the IUD is a safe and effective method for women of all ages, regardless of whether they have delivered a child.

How long after 5 years can you keep a Mirena IUD?

A Mirena IUD really should be replaced when the doctor or GP indicates that it is beyond the safe lifespan. The alternative is that it stops working and therefore pregnancy can occur.

Can you be pregnant on and IUD with negative test results?

No, the IUD does not affect the accuracy of the IUD

Where is an IUD inserted?

An IUD insertion is an in-office procedure. The IUD is inserted into the uterus.

What IUD's are copper IUD's?

The ParaGard IUD is T shaped and it contains copper.

Can the baby live if the IUD stay in the whole pregnant?

It's possible, but the risk of the mother dying is high. The IUD must be removed early in the pregnancy. If the removal doesn't result in miscarriage, it is safe to continue the pregnancy.

How do you know when the IUD is out of place?

As your medical provider explained, you must check for the strings of the IUD on a monthly basis. Generally, if you cannot feel the strings when you do your monthly check, that is an indication that the IUD is out of place. See your doctor as soon as possible and either abstain from sex or use a back-up until you know that it is safe.

Which IUD type is the safest to use?

The copper and hormonal IUDs are equally safe in terms of side effects and pregnancy risk. You can choose based on your preference for continuing your current pattern of menstruation, or choosing no periods with the hormonal IUD.

Can get trichomoniasis with iud?

You can get trichomoniasis regardless of whether you have an IUD. The IUD does not cause or prevent trich.

Can you be pregnant when you have and IUD and having periods and is the IUD causing me to have my period?

You can't get pregnant. The IUD does cause you to have periods.

Can you get an infection after iud falls out?

You can get an infection with or without the IUD. Expulsion of an IUD doesn't increase the risk of infection.