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i am a custodial parent in Michigan. I've been to court to fight it, but unfortunately it is law that if the noncustodial parent is incarcerated they do not owe child support for the time that they are locked up. but if they owe back child support then you can seize anything they own.

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Q: Is the noncustodial parent of a juvenile who has been incarcerated responsible to the custodial parent for child support during that period of time?
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Most incarcerated juvenile offenders are held for status offenses?


Do you share a cell in juvenile detention centres?

Probably, depends on the country in which you are incarcerated.

Who is responsible for damages caused by a juvenile?

Legal parents or legal guardians are responsible for the damages caused by their juvenile.

Do you have to pay child support if juvenile is incarcerated?

Good question! I'm not an attorney, but I should hope that child support is not required if the juvenile is vacationing at the State Hotel. I know that people do not get SSI while incarcerated. Check with an attorney, or with someone at Family Court in your state.

Can a police officer question a minor?

A parent, legal guardian, or counsel acting in loco parentis is supposed to be present.Added: The above answer may apply if the juvenile is in a custodial situation.There is no prohibition against an officer conversing with, or asking, a juvenile questions in a non-custodial situation.

Does non custodial parent have to pay juvenile bills from Juvenal hall?

It's quite possible, yes.

Why is the role of the defense attorney in juvenile court ambivalent?

A defense attorney is responsible for defending juveniles in juvenile court. They are also responsible for negotiating pleas and sentences.

How old to you have to be to go to jail?

If you are referring to "adult" jail, you would have to be 18 years of age, or else you will be incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility.

Can a minor go to prison for battery?

Yes, It's called "Juvie" or Juvenile Detention Center. You can receive a Juvenile Life sentence and be incarcerated until you are 21 years old. Some states the parents can also be held responsible too. Your best bet is to not look too far into which one your state does and just avoid conflict all together.

What courts hear cases of juvenile crime?

Juvenile courts are responsible for hearing juvenile crime cases. More serious crimes committed by juveniles may be sent to adult court.

Can you runaway from home when you are 15 years old and not get in trouble with the authorities?

No, at fifteen you would considered a runaway, and either returned to your parents, incarcerated in juvenile detention, or placed in foster care.

Can police question a minor in new york?

Please define what you mean by "question." Can the police contact a juvenile and speak with them, talk to them, ask questions of them? Yes, they can. If they take a juvenile into custody and begin questioning them in a custodial situation, they should have a parent or guardian notified or present.

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