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Legal parents or legal guardians are responsible for the damages caused by their juvenile.

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Q: Who is responsible for damages caused by a juvenile?
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If a minor gets in an accident driving a friend's car who is responsible for the damages?

The driver, as he's the one who caused the damage. The driver of a vehicle, whether a juvenile or the owner of the vehicle, damages city property with a vehicle, that driver is responsible for damages. Should it go to small claims court, you may have to sue both the parent and the juvenile, as some states vary with regard to parental responsibility.

Is the person responsible for a boating accident supposed to pay for damages?

Usually anyone that is responsible should pay for damages that they caused.

Parked vehicle damaged on private property who is responsible for damages?

The person who caused the damage.

If I was in a 3 car accident and An uninsured motorist hit the car in front of me does the second vehicle who has insurance and then hit my car become responsible for my damages?

The owner of the car that caused your damages will be responsible to pay damages to you unless you live in a no-fault state. In that case, your insurance pays for your damages.

What should a person do if they were the 'at fault' driver in an accident and their insurance had been cancelled and they are now responsible for paying 6000 dollars in damages?

The moral answer would be for him to pay for the damages that he caused.

What happens if you are involved in an auto accident with an illegal alien who has a driver's license. Are you responsible for damages?

A persons immigration status has no bearing on your liability. If you were at fault then you are liable for the damages you caused.

What are damages caused by thunderstorms?

many damages that r caused by thunderstorms are power failure and floods also can damages cars and properties to

If a water heater breaks in an apartment is the renter responsible for damage caused to the apartment floors or ceiling of the apartment below?

Speculatively speaking, it is likely that the following is true: If the water heater is provided by the LL then the landlrod is responsible for damages. If the water heater is owned by the tenant then the tenant is responsible for damages.

If a friend borrows your car and gets in an accident does your auto insurance cover damages?

Depends. If said friend has insurance then in most cases their insurance will cover the damages due to vicarious liability. If the friend does not have insurance, you are then responsible for any damages caused.

What r the damages caused by flood?

Electronic shops , cars , houses .etc. are the damages caused by flood.

Is the homeowner responsible for water damage caused by the tenant?

Any damages caused to a building which is under lease and which are directly caused by the tenant are normally deducted from the bond if necessary. Otherwise, the tenant is responsible for paying for the repairs, but it is the landlord/homeowner who must get the repairs done (they then pass the bill on).

Who is responsible for damages caused by debree from highway construction?

first question, was it a posted construction zone? if it was .....suck it up princess, it's yours!

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