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by replacing the bad gasket / seal

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Q: Is the over the counter transmission additives really work and will in damage transmission?
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Why does YOUR car go forward when its in reverse?

Most likely the plates or discs in the transmission are stuck together. There is really nothing to be done but repair or replace the transmission. I assume this is an automatic. They tend to fuse together so additives do not help.

Do car additives really work?

If additives are so great why doesn't the vehicle's manufacturer add them from the start?

How long does it take to damage transmission without fluid?

If the car will move at all, damage is likely to happen within only a few miles. It's really not advisable to try it.

What is a transmission flush?

Transmission flush is really good for your car. A transmission flush is a mixture of oil and transmission fluid which allows your transmission to run really smoothly.

How do you use Zmax oil additive?

Don't. Add no oil additives to your engine. If oil additives were really that good, the oil companys would put them in their own oil.

Can you add additives to the gas of an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Yes...water works really well

Will stalling damage a motorcycle engine?

Not really, the engine has little mass and will just stop. Stalling will stretch primary and drive chains perhaps and could put excessive strain on the transmission.

Does fuel additives help fuel pumps?

No, fuel additives have no effect on the fuel pump. Fuel additives are really of no benefit whatsoever to your vehicle. The best way to help your fuel pump last for a long period of time is to change the fuel filter regularly. I recommend every 50,000 miles.

Can your transmission be fixed if it runs out of transmission fluid?

well depends on how long it didnt have any fluid in it and if you noticed any damage noice or shifting difference. But yes it can really hurt your tranny if its messed up you can just get a rebuild kit for it and its not that expensive to repair or you can get used one.

How do you take out transmission on Ford Contour?

The transmission must be removed from the underside. Jack it up, remove the suspension and lower the engine and tranny. If you try to pull it from the top you will find many obstructions and probably damage something, dropping it is not really all that hard. Good luck

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Will overfilling a manual transmission damage it?

AnswerIt may put extra pressure on the seals, but other than that, no.It won't really damage it, but when I overfilled my Manuel Transaxle, I was unable to put my car in reverse; I use to have a '96 Mazda 626. I drained some of the fluid and it was just fine.

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Where is the torque converter control solenoid located on 2001 jeep Cherokee?

your torque converter solenoid is located in the valve body of the transmission. you have to drop the pan on the tranny but you really better know what your doing or you can do alot of damage

Transmission slipping on 2000 ford crown Victoria?

Not really much you can do. Take it to a transmission shop for an evaluation.

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What type of transmission oil does a semi truck use?

It really depends on your truck and the type of gearbox you have. Your best bet is to call a dealer and ask them directly. They will ask you a few questions like number of speeds, auto or manual and so on and give you the right info. Putting the wrong fluid in there can cause severe damage to your transmission.

How do you install a transmission on a Land Rover?

push really hard!!