Is the regional advertising charge on some dealership invoices a nonnegotiable item like the destination charges?

This fee is the equivalent of a franchise fee that a McDonalds restaurant might pay. A certain percentage of total sales are paid in to a fund for advertising for all stores.

It's not that the fee isn't negotiable, but it is part of the dealers cost for the vehicle. Some invoice charges are not legitimate, like Holdback and Finance Reserve.

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Car dealerships, especially the large ones, design ceritain commercials for certain parts of the country. Lets take the Durango. Dodge made a commercial showing it careening at breakneck speeds through a steep, winding, rainy forest canyon. That was for the Pacific Northwest. In Colorado, I am sure the scene was simaler, only with snow instead of rain. And in the Southwest, I am sure it was a desert scene, maybe climbing over rocks or something. These special commercails take money paid by you to make. I agree that you should try to talk them out of this additional charge. Tell them you never saw the commercial....