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Is the distributor rotation on a Chevy 350 clockwise or counter clockwise?


What is the rotation of the planets in clockwise and counter clockwise?

earth or venus

Is the distributor rotation on a ford 5.0 clockwise or counter-clockwise?


Is the crankshaft rotation on a Ford 302 clockwise or counter clockwise?

Clockwise in an automotive application.

The direction of rotation on mercury?


What is Pluto's type of rotation?


What is the right engine rotation my acura integra 1988 LS 3d 1.6i 16V DOHC D16A1 motor?

The majority of Honda/Acura Inline 4 cylinder engines correct direction of rotation is COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. Only some of the newer 4 cylinders are clockwise as with most of their V6 engines. I owned a 1987 Integra, so I know this for sure.

Counter-clockwise rotation of air currents?

its low pressure mass for a+

What is unusual about venues rotation?

Most planets rotate counter-clockwise but Venus rotates clockwise (called "retrograde" rotation)

What is the difference between a clockwise and an anti-clockwise rotation?

Clockwise turns to the right, counter-clockwise turns to the left

What is the difference between prograde and retrograde rotation?

the difference in prograde and retrograde rotation is prograde dis counter clockwise and retrograde is clockwise

Is the distributor rotation on a Ford 302 clockwise or counter clockwise The engine looking at it from the front turns clockwise?


What direction do you turn remove crankshaft bolt 1994 acura integra?

Counter Clockwise.

What is difference between prograde rotation and retrograde rotation?

Prograde rotation turns counter clockwise while retrograde rotation turns clockwise. ( As viewed from above the Earth's North Pole.)

What is normal crankshaft rotation for a 7.8 ford diesel clockwise or counter clock wise?


What is unusual about the rotation of Venus?

Venus rotates on its axis clockwise which is referred to as retrograde rotation. All the other planets rotate counter-clockwise.

What end of a starter motor do you look at to determine if rotation is clockwise or counter?

The back end. Most car starters turn counter clockwise

What is the direction of rotation of whirlpool in the northern hemisphere?

Whirlpool rotates counter-clockwise in the N.H, clockwise in the S.H

How does earth's rotation different from Venus's?

Earth turns clockwise yet venus turns counter clockwise

Counter clockwise rotation of air currents?

Low pressure mass

Type of rotation of planets or moon that has a counter clockwise spin?


Is the distributor rotation on a Chevy 350 clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Clockwise. clock wise. go to its a very good site on motors

Rotation of fan on a 97 Dodge Ram?

I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 and it has a counter-clockwise rotation; or a left turn rotation.

Do typhoons rotate clockwise?

In the northern hemisphere, typhoons rotate counter-clockwise. In the southern they rotate clockwise. This is due to the force of the rotation of the Earth.

What is the firing order rotation on a 1960 390 cadillac?

counter-clockwise on the cap