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Is the stinkpot turtle endangered?

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No. The musk turtle, also known as the stinkpot turtle, is not an endangered species.

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What turtle is named stinkpot?

Stinkpot the turtle.

How can you tell a male and female stinkpot turtle apart?

Mostly the male stinkpot turtle would probably be much smaller then the female stinkpot just like in frogs the male is smaller than the female turle

Name 4 different species of turtle?

# green turtle # box turtle # wood turtle # stinkpot turtle

What is the scientific name for a musk turtle?

Sternotherus odoratus, or sometimes the stinkpot turtle

How did the musk turtle get its name?

they call it the musk turtle because when it gets aggravated it lets out a foul stench much like a skunk. there also called stinkpot turtles.

Was a snapping turtle ever endangered?

No.The common snapping turtle is not, nor has been an endangered species.

How good can a turtle smell?

Turtles, being reptilian, generally do not smell the best. Some actually have glands to make themselves smell bad. There is a breed of turtle called the stinkpot. There is a reason for this.

What is the most endangered sea turtle?

it is the kemp ridly turtle

How endangered is the musk turtle?

It is very endangered because of its slowness.

Why is the logger head sea turtle is endangered?

They are endangered because of accidental by-catch, water pollution, turtle consumption, and more.

Do turtles climb trees?

The only turtle that I have heard about that is able to climb trees is the musk turtle (stinkpot) it climb trees that are overhanging the water they are in usually because of a flood but there are other reasons they evacuate the water.

When did the box turtle start to get endangered?

Box turtles are not endangered species.

What anamals are endangerd?

turtle are endangered

What is a kemps ridley sea turtle?

A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle.

Why is the large green turtle endangered?

Funny i was reading about this while studying geo... The green turtle is becoming endangered becaues people like the meat of the turtle so they catch it and eat it... :(

Why is the alligator snapping turtle endangered?

Alligator Snapping Turtle are endangered because of the human poachers , and are being killed :( ,simpples'duzit baby, x

Are mini turtles endangered?

all seven of the sea turtle species are endangered

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