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Is the thermostat housing where the upper hose meets block because it looks impossible to change without removing the throttle body and exhaust manifold on a 2004 Pontiac Montana?


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2008-10-09 14:05:36
2008-10-09 14:05:36

The thermostat housing is dome shaped at the end of the radiator top hose on the block, and should be near the water pump which is on the front of the engine. Not looked at a Montana lay out so can't help further.. :)

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1996 3.1 litre ThermostatThe thermostat on a 3.1 litre is located under the throttle body where it connects to the intake manifold. I found it was easier to remove the throttle body when replacing the thermostat. You first have to remove the throttle cable bracket that is mounted on the throttle body. After that you will be able to see the thermostat housing. The bottom hole on the thermostat housing is slotted so you don't have to completely have to remove it. Good luck!

It is underneath the throttle body underneath the intake manifold. The throttle body and air flow sensor will have to be removed or set aside in order to get to the two bolts on thermostat housing.

the thermostat is located right in between and beneath the throttle body/ intake manifold. you will see the radiator hose that is right in this location, where it meets the engine, the thermostat is right there. you have to disconnect the hose obviously to gain access to it.

don't remove the throttle body. just the exhaust pipe, the air inlet tube and the heat shield.

It is located underneath the throttle cable assembly, behind the exhaust manifold. It is no shade tree mechanic job to replace this.

it's on the intake manifold tucked in between the engine block and manifold itself, immediately to the left of the throttle body looking from the front of the car. It's a dog to get it's retaining bolts out without removing the manifold but can be done.

Throttle plate stuck - bound up Manifold tightened unevenly? Throttle plate stuck - bound up Manifold tightened unevenly? Control

Check the black hose between the throttle body and intake manifold.Check the black hose between the throttle body and intake manifold.

Inside of the thermostat housing, which is just beneath and to the driver's side of the throttle body. It is a 90* elbow protruding from the top of the engine with a radiator hose attached to the end of it.In order to replace it, you'll first need to remove the intake manifold, air intake assembly, and throttle body.


in the thermostat gousing under the throttle body

the thermostat is right under your throttle body and it is difficult to get to

Thermostat is located on the transmission end of the intake manifold (left hand side) It is held with 3 bolts that are not easy to get to.(along with the thermostat itself) You will need to remove the black plastic tubing that runs from the air filter to the throttle body. Good luck!

Between the throttle body and the intake manifold.

On the 2000 models with the 3400 engine in it you must first remove the throttle body. Removing the throttle body makes access to the thermostat housing very easy. Simply take 2 bolts out of the housing and remove the thermostat. After replacing thermostat you must bleed the air out of the system because it is pressurized. Not bleeding out the air can cause severe engine damage if allowed to run. overheatin of the engine is the first sign.

located right of the exhaust manifold and connected to the throttle linkage.

To remove the thermostat you first have to remove the throttle body, it is on the top of the motor on the right it has one bolt and two nuts holding it down. When you remove the throttle body disconnect the air intake tube and make sure all hoses and electrical connectors are removed, the throttle cables do not have to bedisassembled to remove the throttle body. Move the throttle body up and away from the intake to gain access to the thermostat housing. Make sure you have something under the upper radiator hose to catch the coolant and loosen the hose clamp and remove the hose from the housing. the housing has two 13mm bolts holding it down remove them. If the thermostat doesn't come out by hand use some pliers to pull it out. Make sure the rubber gasket on the thermostat comes out with it. Also when you put in the new thermostat make sure it has a new gasket on it. If the thermostat and gasket come separately make sure you put the gasket on the thermostat with the pointed edge facing the engine block. Make sure you have a good throttle body gasket and it wasn't damaged in disassembly Reassemble in reverse of disassemble make sure all hose clamps are tight and electrical connectors are connected. Finally top off the radiator reservoir. P.S. don't try to remove the exhaust pipe on top of the engine to get to the thermostat bolts, it is impossible to get off unless you remove the exhaust manifold not worth the hassle the throttle body is easier to remove. Good Luck

The throttle position sensor is located on the throttle housing on the left-hand end of the inlet manifold.

If its the same as a 2001 you follow the top hose to the side of the have to remove the exhaust manifold to get to it.Its not a ten minute job! I've changed one of these twice. It is a holy terror, but you do not have to remove exhaust manifold. Throttle body is biggest pain. You don't need to remove throttle body, just get is up a little out of your way. Be prepared for finger cramps.

The thermostat is located on the driver side under the throttle body intake manifold, or just find the biggest hose coming up from the bottom of your radiator and going to the motor about 2" hose it is difficult to change, you have to remove the air box

Between the intake manifold and air tube. It's an electronic throttle, no cables.

at the end of the intake manifold

Assuming this is a 4.3L V6, the upper intake manifold is directly under the throttle body.

The throttle body base gasket would be located between the throttle body and the intake manifold.

It is located at the throttle body on the end of the throttle shaft. The throttle body is on the intake manifold, the hose from the air filter ends up at the throttle body.

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