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Yes and no.


  1. Illegal immigrants take on jobs that few legal citizens want.
  2. They stabilize the Social Security system; because illegal immigrants can't claim Social Security benefits, all this money has been used to stabilize the system that without them, it would have crashed a decade ago.


  1. It demonstrates that the US Immigration system does not work.
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Is the us better off without illegal immigrants?

The US needs illegal immigrants. Many of these people are willing to do jobs that legal US citizens will not. They are extremely hardworking people and are just looking for a better life for their families.

Why do most illegal immigrants come to the us?

So they can have a better life.

What illegal immigrants are allowed to live in the US?

The term "illegal immigrant" says it all. There are no illegal immigrants who are allowed to live in the US.

What do immigrants have to do to get to the US?

Legal immigrants have to apply to the US government for permission to immigrate. Illegal immigrants sneak in.

Do illegal immigrants get deported if they do not brake us laws?

An illegal immigrant to the US is, by definition, a person who has entered the country in a manner which violates US immigration law. That is the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. So yes, they get deported.

Are legal immigrants to the US as impoverished as illegal immigrants to the US?

Legal immigrants are often not as impoverished as illegal immigrants, but are certainly not wealthy, the majority constituting the lower middle class and not ever becoming more than middle class. Most immigrants end up living simple lives in ethnic communities or in general society. Illegal immigrants tend to remain in the lower class because their illegality serves as an impediment to finding better work.

Population of illegal immigrants in US?

Approximately, 12 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States.

Can illegal immigrants get free medical?

Not in the US.

Why illegal immigrants should stay here in the us?

because they can do jobs that Americans are not willing to do, and they could make the contry better.

The government has passed laws to make it harder or easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the US?

The government has passed laws that make it much harder for illegal immigrants to stay in the US. It is harder for immigrants to work.

Can illegal immigrants become legal us citizens?

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From where do most illegal immigrants to the US come from?


How do illegal immigrants benefit the US?

They pay taxes.

How many illegal immigrants are there in the US from Mexico?


Can illegal immigrants gain a drivers license in Texas?

No. Illegal immigrants cannot legally obtain a drivers license in any state in the US.

Who were the first illegal aliens in the US?

The names of the first illegal aliens in the United States are not known. There are millions of illegal immigrants that are in the US, as of 2014.

Should immigrants have the right to stay here in the us?

if they are legal immigrants, yes. if they are illegal immigrants, i don't think so.

How do illegal immigrants get over the us border?

Sneak across

How many illegal immigrants were there in the US 2010?

About 36 million

How many illegal immigrants are in the US military?

about one quarter

What nationality is most US illegal immigrants?

Stupid ... terrorizers

Who are illegal immigrants in the US?

Anyone who comes here illegally?

What is the main country that illegal immigrants come from?

In the US, Mexico

How do you get rid of illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigrants can be deported.

What two problems confront the US along its southern border?

illegal drugs and illegal immigrants