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Is there a certain diet that suggests eating one meal a day?

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Yes there cereal diet. You probably haven't heard of this as its from the UK. Basically you eat two bowls of cereal a day with semi skimmed milk and one meal a day. Its supposed to help you lose 1 inch off your waist.

AnswerI dont know, but you are supposed 4 eat 6 healthy meals each day.
2010-12-04 05:32:46
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Are eating bread in a meal can ruin your diet?

It want ruin your meal , but it is fattening.

Is eating an apple a half hour before eating a meal a good diet?

The "when" of eating fruits aren't as important as just getting them in your diet. Focus more in incorporating the fruit in your diet than the time of day or how long before or after a meal.

What is the Beverly Hills Diet?

The Beverly Hills diet mainly consists of eating the right foods at the right time. In other words every meal has to be the right meal, and it must be at the right time.

What is a food combining diet?

the food combining diet is also known as the combination diet and it's main principal is getting your metabolism working the best way possible. It does this by separating food groups and eating them at certain meal times to better help your digestive system and metabolism.

Diet Meal Plans Make Dieting Simple?

If you've had trouble sticking to a diet that eventually seemed too boring and difficult to work with in the past, consider an option that offers diet meal plans that keep things interesting and different. The right meal planning can help you stick to your diet by making sure you're always eating something exciting. Good meal plans should avoid repeating options within a week and change up enough during the course of the diet to make sure you don't get sick of one or two foods. The best meal plans give you long term guidelines for eating once the diet is over.

Is drinking tea or coffee with milk and sugar when I am hungry and only eating one real meal each day and that meal is small and little nutritional value a very bad diet to you?

No, it's an extremely bad diet.

Where can one find recipes for diet meal?

When planning a diet meal, eaters might have a difficult time finding the right recipes. Luckily, sites by The Food Network, Eating Well and Allrecipes have thousands of recipes available for free.

what is considered a good diet meal plan?

The best diet meal plan for the long run is eating five meals a day. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Also remember to drink lots of water.

What is Adele's favorite meal?

Adele doesn't mind eating anything, but she doesn't like certain foods.

Do the Jenny Craig diet meal plans work?

Yes, they are a very good diet plan for those that follow them. They emphasize portion control and eating healther foods.

Will eating one meal on the Cambridge diet ruin everything you have done so far?

you should be healthy eat more

Is burping in japan polite?

In certain Asian countries it is considered an insult to the cook if you don't burp after eating a meal.

Show you the goals of meal management?

The goals of meal management are to set up a healthy diet. They are also to ensure that there is no over eating, which could lead to obesity and other health complications.

Where can I find out more information about diet meal plans?

There are lots of diet meal plans on the market, yes. Many of them do work. The best would be to find one that includes the type of food that you like eating. You won't stick to a plan if you don't like the food.

What is propandial?

I know that: Prepandial = Before eating a meal Postpandial = After eating a meal I am not sure what propandial is.

What is the three apple a day diet?

This diet involves eating one apple before each meal. The idea is that you would fill up with the fiber from the apple so that you do not over-eat on the wrong foods when you eat your full meal as well as satisfy your craving for sweets.

What is a drastic way to diet?

Buy no meal.

What is the grapefruit diet like?

The Grapefruit diet is a 12-day plan that promotes quick weight loss, by eating 1/2 grapefruit at every meal. A web site devoted to the diet can be found at

What does the rice diet involve?

The rice diet involves eating rice with every meal, and increasing intake of various other foods, such as bananas, bread, and various liquids. The rice lowers cholesterol.

How soon after eating a meal is it safe to swim?

After eating a meal it is said to wait 45 - 60 min.

Where can I find diet meal plans?

A great website for fun diets is There are tons of meal plans for both men and women. Check it out for some great diet food.

What is meant by free diet meal plans?

A great website for fun diets is There are tons of meal plans for both men and women. Check it out for some great diet food. Free diet plans means that you do not have to pay money for the diet.

How many calories do you intake a day on the herbalife diet?

There is no set calorie intake per day outlined in the herbalife diet. The herbalife diet is more focused on taking the capsules with every meal as well as drinking the designated shakes for breakfast and lunch, and eating a well balanced meal for dinner along with the taking of more capsules.

three hour diet are good or bad for us?

Yes, the three hour diet is simply eating every three hours. In doing this tho, you are not eating junk, you need to eat a well balanced meal. This will keep your sugar levels and other levels in check.

What is a good lose weight fast diet?

The best diet for Joy to follow is a low carbohydrate diet. She should concentrate on eating protein at every meal. She should avoid high carbohydrate items such as, pasta, potatoes, and anything with sugar.