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Yes, the companys are called "ATTORNEYS". But,getting your car back is subject to the contract you signed. Most contracts give the LENDER the right to accelerate the balance due under certain conditions.(2nd repo, 2nd default ect) Call alocal attorney for a free consult. If theres a dollar to be made, they will likely take your case. Good Luck

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Q: Is there a company that can help get your vehicle back when the lien holder does not want to give you the car back?
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Can an employer give an employee a company vehicle to use and then take it back?

Sure can. It belongs to the company and not the employee.

How do you give back a vehicle?

You return it.

Who is currency evaluation company?

What makes any grading company "real". They take a bill and give it a grade that follows there perticular grading standard then place it in a secure holder. Bottom line is buy the bill not the holder.

Do you have to have your vehicle repaired or can get a check?

The company will give you a check. What you do with that check is up to you.

In MI what is statute of limitations on repossessed auto?

There is no limit You Don't own it.. unless you are paying for it you must give it back to the lien holder. make your payments or give it back even after charge off they have every right to take back what YOU have not paid for.. and if they wish. in most states they have the right to get a court order for the vehicle have the local sheriff come out and demand the vehicle and or location of the vehicle if at that time you fail to turn over the vehicle you take a ride with them and face jail time and fines .... which the cost of the court order will cost you 2k+ clearly its best off to give the vehicle back save some money and hassle you buy the car for 10k its worth 8k you have have a balance of 7k on the car after auction you might not owe a dime. and go on with life.. but be a Flake hide it and drag it out the car will be worth way less and at the end you pay one way or another... MORAL of the story IF You cant Afford it Give it Back... Call your lien holder get the name of the repo company and drop it off in a parking lot where they can pick it up leave the keys in the glove box ashtray or center console. they dont need to know where you live if you turn it over....... A Washington REPOMAN

When your car gets repossessed are you able to get your tag back and can you get something from them that says it has been repossessed?

You are allowed to set up a time with the tow company that retrieved your vehicle to get any personal items of yours out of it, that does not include installed stereos or custom wheels. As for the notice, you will need to speak with your finance company, they will usually offer to give you back the vehicle if you can pay what is delinquent.

Where can I find vehicle insurance for my small company? and will both give you competing rates for insurance for your small company.

Can you give back a vehicle that had hidden problems?

as long as the person you give it back to doesnt notice it maken sure they arent big problems

Can a title company put a lien on your vehicle if YOU still hold the title?

as long as you physically have the title in your possession and its in your name and they haven't signed the back, you are still the legal owner. A title company would have to give proof of your financial obligation to them

Does letting a car go back to the lien-holder affect your credit even though i took no loan from the bank and also what is the best way to give it back to that person?

If you were the lien holder, how would you like it given back? How soon would you like it given back? and how much money would you want if the person you trusted were to give it back in it's current condition? The credit effect is between you and your God.

What are car insurance auctions?

If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company pays you off and you give them the title for the vehicle. The insurance company then turns around and sends the vehicle to an auction (usually for dealers and wholesalers only) and sell it. Most of the time a salvage company will buy the car for parts and the insurance company can recoup some of their money.

Iif hoa management company mismanages or employee steals money will a bond reimburse the hoa for the loss?

The bond holder can give you the answer you need.

How do you change the parking brake warning light on a 1981 corvette?

I believe this would be like most GMs from back then. It would use a 194 bulb in a holder on the back of the instrument cluster. To remove the holder, give it a slight twist counterclockwise, then pull it out. The bulb should pull straight out of the holder. I could, however, be completely wrong.

What is productivity and strategy?

strategy means a specific way for doing something for example - if a company want to received his money back from his debtors than firstly company give them a letter , is they not give back money to company than company contact him at telephone and then meet him but after than company take legal action . It is strategy

When should i give my car back to the bank before or after filing bankruptcy in Alabama?

You give your car back to the bank after filing bankruptcy, the bank will ask your attorney for the vehicle back and give you a certain amount of time and the location to return it to. Definitely do not give it back before you file you will need to have it discharged legally from your debts.

If a car owner has full coverage on their vehicle including uninsured motorist can they allow someone without any insurance to drive the vehicle?

It is my understanding from my insurance company that if I "give permission" for someone to drive my vehicle and I have full coverage then my vehicle is covered. Recommend you ask your insurance carrier this question, they will be happy to give you an answer regarding your policy.

When replacing a fully-covered vehicle on a policy with a new vehicle what are the industry requirements for information needed and time frame required?

Most (if all of your vehicles are insured in the same company) will give you thirty days to make the change. They will need V.I.N., lien holder information, owners names, year, make, model. Owner and drivers names, birthdates, drivers licenses numbers etc.

Can a company refuse to deliver a product after you pay for it?

Yes, but they have to give you your money back.

Do you have to give your personal medical information to get car insurance in New York?

If it is pertinent to your ability to drive a vehicle then yes you are required to give this information to the insurance company.

You filed chap 7 bankruptcy 6 years ago and have been making payments can you give back the home to the lien holder without going through foreclosure?

You can give back the home to the lien holder without going through foreclosure. You just need to make arrangements with the lender. It is not smart at this point to surrender your house after so many payments.

What happens if you don't give up your vehicle in default?

They will still repo it. Along with the report going on file that you did not give it back on your own free will.

If you have had your vehicle a year and don't want it any more can you give it back?

NO! Call it a birthday present to the dealer. But don't expect to get your money back.

What information do you need to give to the credit card company to add an authorized user?

Usually all you need is the person's name and their relationship to the account holder. Credit Card issuers have different criteria for adding an authorized person or a second card holder.

If your insurance company does not want to give you Fair Market Value for your totaled car is there anything you can do to make them pay FMV?

Insurance companies will not give you the book value for a vehicle, the will give you the market value. Which means they search the classifieds for the lowest value of the vehicle and discount it again in an effort to give you their lowest price. Sue the driver of the vehicle,this will put pressure on the insurance company to come to an agreement with you. You can also contact the insurance bureau in your state, although I will admit it's very time consuming,you will get results.

How do you retrieve my vehicle from a friend who will not give it back?

If your friend refuses to return it then you must contact the police for theft.