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Yes, there is a mountain of difference. The Arabs, though themselves not homogenous, are a Semitic people, whereas the Persians are Indo-Iranian, their language belonging to the Indo-European language family. In short, they are historically, culturally, linguistically and ethnically separate populations who happen to share a home in the Middle East.

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Q: Is there a difference between Arab and Persian?
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What is the difference between Persian and the Qur'an?

The Qur'an is written in Arabic, not Persian.

What is Is the difference between an Arabian and a Anglo-Arab?

The Anglo-Arab horse is a cross between a Thoroughbred stallion and Arabian mare or vice-versa.

What is the difference between persian and Middle Eastern food?

Persian is one of many types of Middle Eastern food. The differences between Persian Food and, say, Iraqi or Levantine Arab food are slight, but noticeable. There is a different spice pallet, focusing on saffron over cumin and an increased use of fruits for flavoring. Persian food also has a large number of stews involving aubergines and stewed greens, whereas most Arab stews use meat and beans as primary ingredients. Persian cuisine also has fewer mezzede (appetizers-esque foods) than Arab, Israeli, and Greek cuisine.

Where is the Persian Gulf and Shatt Al Arab?

Shatt al Arab is in Iraq, at the northern end of Persian Gulf.

What is the difference between Arabic and Arab?

Arabic is the language or culture. Arab is a member of the Arabian race.

What is the difference between a Persian and domestic cat?

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Is Iran Arab or Persian?

Iran does not define itself as an ethnic nation-state, so it is not empirically Arab or Persian. It has a Persian majority (60% of Iranians are Persians), but it also has an Arab minority (2% of Iranians are Arabs), especially in the southwest province of Khuzestan.

What is the difference between Persian and Greek?

Persians were Asiatic. Greeks were European.

Describe the difference between the Peloponnesian and Persian Wars?

Persian War - between the Persian Empire and a\varying alliances of Greek city-states. Peloponnesian War - between Athens and its empire and the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta.

What is the time difference between London and the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates are 3 hours ahead of London.

What is the difference between syed and shah?

shah means king(in persian) and syed means also king(in arabian).there is no difference between them.

What Persian gulf country is a federation of seven Arab sheikdoms?

United Arab Emirates GIV

What countries are considered Persian not Arab?

iran and afganistan

Does Pakistan Yemen United Arab Emirates or Syria border the Persian Gulf?

Of the countries listed above, only the United Arab Emirates borders the Persian Gulf.

What is a Persian gulf emirate?

The Persian Gulf Emirates, or more correctly, United Arab Emirates are a federation of seven Arab states that formed a country together in 1971.

Is Iran included in Arab countries?

Iran is not an Arab country. It is Persian. of course not.Iran is completely different from Arab countries.peo[le in Iran speak Persian & Turkish & some other dialect.while Arabs speak Arabic.

Is there any difference in the israeli passport between the Jewish and the Arab citezens?


What is the difference between the Persian and peloponnesian wars?

The persian war lasted way longer the the peloponnesian war and the persian wars was a whole bunch of different mini wars

Is Iran an Arab state?

No, Iran is not considered an Arab country because its main language is Persian, not Arabic.

What is the time difference between Texas and the Persian Gulf?

The Persian Gulf sits between countries with three different time zones. There are GMT +3 countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Iran is a GMT +3.5 country. And there are two GMT +4 countries: Oman and the United Arab Emirates.Texas is mostly in the GMT -6 timezone, but El Paso is in the GMT -7 timezone.Therefore, the time difference between Texas and the Persian Gulf can be as few as 9 hours or as much 11 hours, depending on which part of Texas and which part of the Persian Gulf are referenced.

What is the difference between muslim and Arab americans?

Muslim American is one his religion and faith is Islam (he/she can be Arab or non Arab)Arab American is one who his/her mother language is Arabic (he/she cam Muslim or non Muslim)

Is Shatt Al Arab in Egypt?

It flows into the Persian gulf.

Differences between the Muslim community of Muhammad and the society that developed after the Arab conquests?

Well the difference between Muslim community of Muhammad and the society of Arab is because the Muslim's concerns about God while the Arab believes in God and his oneness

What is the difference between a punched face kitten nd a Persian kitten?

Persian cats are born like that, and punched in faces? How mean! - Kittylover2422

What is the difference between middle east and Arab countries and gulf countries?

The Middle East is composed of countries spanning western Asia and Egypt. The Gulf countries are on the Persian Gulf, such as Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and UAE.