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Primary physical custody applies to whomever the children live with the majority of the time. Their "permanent residence". Partial physical custody, usually designates the parent who has the children on holidays, summer vacation from school, etc.

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Q: Is there a difference between primary physical custody and partial physical custody?
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What is the difference between partial custody and open adoption?

There is no comparison. Partial custody refers to the custody and visitation rights of parents involved in a separation or divorce action.Open adoption refers to the adoption process.The two processes are not, in any way, synonymous.

What is Joint legal Custody and partial Physical Custody?

Joint legal custody indicates that both parents have the right to make joint decisions on the raising of a child (education, health care, etc.). If there are conflicts in such decisions then it is only applicable if such disagreements are reasonable in the eyes of the court. If they are deemed "unreasonable" then the parent with primary physical custody or the court makes such determinations. Partial physical custody, indicates that the child spends a portion of his or her time (specified or otherwise) with the parent (weekends, holidays, summer vacation, etc.) but resides the majority of time with the primary custodial parent.

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What is liberal partial custody?

it means the person who have custody have to deiced when the child can visit the other party,

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Can the fAther take your son if you have primary physical and legal custody and no order for visitation?

If he does not have a court order for visitation or custody he can't take him anywhere. If he has partial custody he can take him out as long as it's in agreement with the custody order. He can't take him as in moving away. You should ask your lawyer who knows more about your case.

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Can you change your child's surname without the consent of the farther if they have contact?

You indicate they have "Contact", but what is the status of Custody? If the Father has visitation, partial or shared custody, legal& or physical....No, you cannot change the Surname of the child without the Fathers explicit consent!!

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