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Q: Is there a good non-Mazda replacement for the woofer not Bose in your 2000 miata?
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Will hard top for 1992 Mazda miata fit on 2002 Mazda miata?

Will a 1992 mazda miata hardtop fit a 2000 mazda miata?

How do you replace the fan belt on a 2000 Mazda Miata?

There is no fan belt on a Mazda Miata.

What size sub woofer is in a 2000 mercury villager?

Six inches.

What size woofer are in a 2000 cadillac deville?

I have a 2000 DHS, and it has a stock Bose system and it sounds amazing!

Will seats out of a 2000 Mazda miata fit in a 1996 miata?

Should, I believe you will have to switch the seat frames though

Where can you buy a sub woofer connector for a 2000 expedition?

Radio Installer Shop or

Where is battery located on a 2000 Mazda miata?

In the trunk, passenger side

Will a 1999 Mazda Miata seat work for a 1991 Miata?

Yes. Bear in mind that 1999-2000 leather seats are considered the worst seats amongst Miata owners due to poor back support.

Where can you get 2000 Mazda miata parts cheap?

I found to be the best for all mx5/miata parts, good price and excelent customer service.

Where is the o2 sensor bank 1 located on a 2000 Mazda miata?

The 2000 Mazda Miata O2 sensor bank 1 is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The sensor can be found on the passenger side of the firewall.

Can a Mazda Miata 1.6 manifold fit on a 2000 Mazda Protege 1.6?


What operating system comes after windows 2000?

Windows XP Home was the replacement for Windows ME, Windows XP Professional was the replacement for Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows Server 2003 was the replacement for Windows 2000 Server.

Where is the horn on a miata?

The horn is right in front of the radiator, on the passenger side on the 2000 Miata. You can see the bracket holding the horn, just to the left of center next to the hood locking mechanism.

How much does a replacement key cost for a 2000 Volvo s80?

A 2000 Volvo S 80 replacement key will cost $125. The replacement key can be purchased at most Volvo dealerships.

Where is the fuel filter on your 2000 Mazda miata?

It is hidden behind a plastic shield underneath the car, just before the rear, passenger side tire. See the following site for details:

How do I get a Replacement key for Mazda 1998 626?

How do I get a replacement key for 2000 mazda 626?

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 Mazda Miata TAKE?

3.8 to 4 quarts of engine oil.

Timing belt replacement on 1997 ford escort split port induction 2000?

97 ford escort 2000 timing belt replacement

What is the replacement battery for the 2000 Daewoo lanos?

Direct replacement battery number is 85B-60

Clutch replacement 2000 Saturn?

Go to in the how-to library for a complete clutch replacement procedure

What is the history of 2000?

2000 was invented in the 8th century as a replacement for the Roman numeral MM.

Is battery replacement on a 2001 same as a 2000?


Where can a person BUY A OWNERS manual for 2000 miata?

You can purchase them new from They are actually a Mazda Dealership that has very good prices on OEM Miata items. New, the price is currently $25 USD. Click on the Mx-5 Mazda Miata link, then to the Maintenance section. You'll see the manuals on sale.

How do you add hydraulic clutch fluid on a 2000 miata?

Should be next to the brake fluid cup. DJ FLIP

How do you change the tail light in a 2000 Miata?

hi you unscrew the whole of the light 2/3 with x screwdriver from the outside.