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You should be discussing this with your lawyer. He could also suggest that you hire a private detective to catch your husband with this female. That in itself will speak volumes and you won't need the text messages or photos. You should be able to track his text messages or pictures through his computer. Ask a friend for help that is computer knowledgeable. If you want to keep this more private, then phone a computer technician in the phone book and ask how you can track the text messages. You don't need to go into detail with him. If he wants to know tell him you left some and need to track them down. Sorry you are going through this.

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How do messages travel from one neuron to another?

Messages travel from one neuron to another through the neurotransmitters. Each neuron has dendrites which receive messages from other neurons.

What part of a nerve sends messages from one nerve to another?

The nerve synapses transmit messages form one nerve to another.

How do you upload pictures from another website?

save it then upload it from your pictures

Sending and receiving of messages?

Yes, a fax is capable of sending and receiving messages from another fax machine.

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Text messages are small packets of data sent by cell phones.

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TO understand the stated and unstated messages of a commercial.incorrect actually!to evaluate obvious and hidden messages..actually tj is right that is the answer to apex but an another possible answer isTo evaluate obvious and hidden messages

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to deliver messages from one person to another

Where can you get another copy of your husbands apprentice certificate which was stolen?

Try contacting the company or person where he did the apprenticeship to request another copy.

What is another word for 'pictures'?

graphic elements images photos visuals snapshots

How did people send messages in ancient time?

Before written messages, a messenger could go on another persons behalf. That still does happen in modern times for important or highly confidential messages.

How messages carried from one neuron to another?

the message carried from one neuron to another if there is space between them

How do you send messages on a dsi to another dsi?

Use picto chat

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It is suggested the best way to turn a guy on via test message is to send suggestive messages. Another way is to send pictures. However, be careful about what you are sending to other people via text messaging.

Can a wife move her child to another state without husbands consent?

yes, if the husband is dead

I am Married and pregnant with another mans child can i give the child my husbands last name?

Yes you can

Can you see text messages from another phone?

No! Unless the same phone is placed with the other battery! Then te saved messages will be seen on the cellular device

Can read another person's text messages from my phone?

not unless they send them to your phone you can not

What cell transmits electrical messages from one area of the body to another?