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Is there a list of navy cross winners from the Vietnam war?

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Check the website for the Navy Cross. I have seen a book called "Navy Cross,Vietnam", but I dont know how you would find a copy.

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Is there a list of Vietnam navy cross recipients?


How do you find a list of Silver star winners for the Vietnam war?

No such list exists.There, are, however, some re-created lists by unit. Many units have organized reunion associations, where Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, and Silver Star honorees are listed. Check the division organization the individual served with.B.G. Burkett in his book, Stolen Valor, lists all Vietnam Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, and returned Prisoners of War.

Who were the Navy Commendation Medal winners in the Vietnam War?

John Potter

How many people were awarded the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam?


How many Doctors of Medicine MDs were killed in the Vietnam war?

list of navy physicians killed in vietnam

Is there a list of distinguished service cross winners since 1945?

There have been 13,446 recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross, far too many to list here. See the link below for cross referenced lists. Perhaps you mean the Distinguished Service Cross, or DSC. Lists can be found in Department of Defense General Orders. The Distinguished Service Cross list for Vietnam, along with the Navy Cross and the Air Force Cross, is listed in the back of the book "Stolen Valor" by B.G. Burkett. Or he might have meant the DSO, the Distingushed Service Order, awarded to 870 RAF officers in WW2. Not everyone's American ya know (edit)

Is there a list of navy pilots shot down during the Vietnam war?

Contact Veterans administration.

Medal of honor winners in vietnam?

The list of Medal of Honor recipients during the Vietnam War (1955-1975) is exhaustive, and unfortunately cannot be displayed here. However, we can tell you that 246 Medals of Honor were received, 154 of them posthumously. The breakdown is 160 for the Army, 57 for the Marines, 16 for the Navy and 13 for the Air Force.

When was Navy Cross created?

Navy Cross was created in 1919.

What were the Vietnam era navy ratings?

navy rating for radar operator

Who has the most medal of honor winners?

Us navy

Navy cross aerographer?

The (US) Navy Cross is an award (medal) of the US Navy. An "aerographer" is an individual that study's the air or atmosphere.

Us army navy cross winner in Vietnam?

There was one soldier in the Army who received the Navy cross during the Vietnam conflict. His name is COL (retired) Kenneth Ledford Jr. In Vietnam, he was a First Lieutenant, and he was a medevac, or "dust off" pilot. After retiring from The military, he became a teacher, and an instructor for the JROTC program. I was fortunate enough to have him as a JROTC instructor while I was a student at Pontiac Central High School. - SGT Christopher Ramos, US Army.

How many Heisman Trophy winners have Army and Navy had?


Where did the navy seals first serve?


Was navy seal in war world 2?

No the Navy SEALs originated in the Vietnam War

What is the motto of Republic of Vietnam Navy?

Republic of Vietnam Navy's motto is 'Our Country - The Ocean'.

When is someone awarded a Navy Cross?

The Navy Cross is the second highest military medal for valor that is allowed to be awarded for extraordinary heroism in combat. The Navy Cross may only be awarded to a member of the United States Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps.

Is there a list of all those who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War?

There is no single public list showing all the names. You can find the names of those killed and those who received the most important medals.

What war did the Navy SEALS first appear?

the navy seals first appeared in the vietnam war.

How many people did the navy draft during the Vietnam war?

The Navy did not draft during the Vietnam War, but the Marine Corp did draft 42,633 men during the war.

What actors and actresses appeared in Small Boat Navy in Vietnam - 1968?

The cast of Small Boat Navy in Vietnam - 1968 includes: Raymond Burr as Narrator

What Award has a caravel?

Navy Cross

What has the author P Steel written?

P. Steel has written: 'Steel's list of the Royal Navy; 1804' 'Steel's list of the Royal Navy; 1815; Part 2' 'Steel's list of the Royal Navy; 1802-1803' 'Steel's list of the Royal Navy; 1815; Part 1'

What are the release dates for Navy SEALS The Untold Stories - 2001 Vietnam?

Navy SEALS The Untold Stories - 2001 Vietnam was released on: USA: 16 December 2001