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look where the fuses are located on the passenger side, under the hood. you'll have to remove the cover and pull out the fuse for the air suspension ( you may need a screw driver to do this) replace the fuse and the car should raise back up long enough to get to the shop.

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Q: Is there a manual air valve to inflate the rear air suspension on a 1994 Lincoln Town Car enough to drive to a repair shop?
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Is there a manual way to inflate air suspension?

yep, just bagg it like i did my 99' Lincoln town car with 10-switches(air-ride suspension) rides better than factory!!!!

Where is the air suspension switch on a 2012 Lincoln Navigator?

According to the 2012 Lincoln Navigator owners manual the air suspension system can be enabled or disabled through the message center You can view the 2012 Lincoln Navigator owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( information about the message center starts on page 19 )

How do you manually disengage air suspension?

On 1995 to 1997 Lincoln Continentals, there is a manual switch located in the trunk on the left side. It is an on-off rocker switch.

Where is the back panel on a 2002 Lincoln Navigator for on off switch air suspenion?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Navigator owners manual the on / off switch for the air suspension system is located in the front passenger footwell

Which fuse controls the air suspension lowering and raising on a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

User manual for Lincoln Navigator (with fuse diagrams and descriptions of purpose for each fuse/relay location) can be found here:

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The library will have a chiltons manual that should show you how to replace your suspension on your model and you can probably order a repair manual from also.

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