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If you mean the glue that hold the vinyl to the floor there is an alternative ask your local vinyl supplier about vinyl designed to be "loose layed".

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Glue used to glue a carpet

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Q: Is there a non glue vinyl flooring?
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How to Remove glue from vinyl flooring?

Depends what glue. If vinyl glue used to lay that flooring, see the container for cleaning instructions.

Can you install vinyl flooring on walls?

yes, you need instant glue

Can you use Gorilla Glue to glue down curled edges on vinyl flooring?

No, it wouldn't work as Gorilla Glue swells. It would be better to use vinyl tile glue or spray contact cement

Can vinyl flooring be put on top of laminate wood flooring?

You can but its not advisable as glue is needed to stick the laminate flooring down and it will ruin the wood beneath.

Your seams of vinyl flooring are coming up how can you fix this?

Do you apply glue down and roll out vinyl then apply seam sealer to melt the edges together.

Where can I find vinyl flooring for sale?

I would like to install vinyl flooring in my kitchen. What stores sell vinyl flooring?

Is vinyl flooring hard to install?

Installing vinyl flooring is hard if does not get tips and step-by-step instructions to help with installing vinyl sheet flooring.

Is vinyl flooring cat proof?

Vinyl is probably the only cat proof flooring!

How do you remove carpenter's glue from vinyl flooring?

Rub it with a rough rag dipped in Goof Off, then try to peel an edge of it up.

Will this glue stick vinyl to vinyl?

We can't see the glue. -Name your glue- for a better answer.

How do you glue vinyl to vinyl?

Vinyl adhesive.

Is vinyl flooring the cheapest type of flooring you can get?

Vinyl flooring or tile is a pretty cheap flooring option. However painted concrete flooring is also inexpensive and can be very attractive if done nicely.

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