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You wouldn't notice the difference if you are just doing casual computer use, for example: internet Browsing, listening to music, or word processing. However, if you are playing graphically intensive games, then you would notice a difference. The higher the PC number (PC2100, PC2700, or PC3200) then the better it is. Just be sure to buy the memory that is compatible with your motherboard... that is if you are planning on buying memory.

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Q: Is there a noticeable difference between a pc2700 ddr ram and a pc2100 ddr ram?
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Will 184 pin PC2700 ram work in a PC2100 slot?

ddr266/pc2100 and ddr333/pc2700 are interchangeable.

Is PC2700 memory compatible with G4 1.2 GHz iBook?

Yes. However, it will run at PC2100 speed.

Can you use pc2100 in a pc2700 board?

Yes you can use. PC means DDR1 266mhz ram, PC 2700 means DDR1 333mhz ram. you should not use in combination of both PC2100 and PC2700 because due to Bus frequency mismatch some boards will not support.

What if your PC requirement is DDR 333 can we use DDR 400?

no you can not use 400 MHZ ram because (PC2100 @ 266 MHZ ddr) and (PC2700 @ 333 MHZ ddr) are the only chips that are inter changable. PC3200 is 400 MHZ but it has 2 slots not just the one. It does not fit into the same type slot as either PC2700 or PC2100. I was looking at the possibility of a PC2700 ram rated at 400 MHZ but I do not think there is such a thing.

Is there a significant difference between notebook memory speeds ie.pc3200 vs pc2700 333 vs 400 mhz?

I have bought one 400mhz pc3200, it has a cut at a difference location on the stick. It wouldn't fit on my pc2700 333mhz slots on my laptop.

You are looking to purchase two dimms runnings at 400mhz do you choose pc4000 or pc3200?

PC1600(200MHz), PC2100(266MHz), PC2700(333MHz), PC3200(400MHz),PC4000(500MHz), PC4200(533MHz), PC5300(667MHz), PC6400(800MHz) Per pg 230 of the A+ Guide to Hardware PC1600(200MHz), PC2100(266MHz), PC2700(333MHz), PC3200(400MHz),PC4000(500MHz), PC4200(533MHz), PC5300(667MHz), PC6400(800MHz) Per pg 230 of the A+ Guide to Hardware

Can pc2700 ddr-ram for notebooks be used in a notebook designed for pc2100 ddr-ram?

Depends on the notebook motherboard..I just upgraded my note book from 512MB RAM (2X256 PC2100 DDR-266Mhz 200 pin SODIMM) to 1GB (2X512MB PC2700 DDR-333Mhz 200 pin SODIMM), would not accept 1GB modules. I tried the Brand supplier (HP) and they were going to charge me a fortune for the PC2100 modules, so I got my local computer shop to get generic memory for me from their suppliers. When I tried the first memory modules of 512MB my notebook did not boot, so tried another brand (generic as well) and you little beauty it loaded. Therefore, different brands of memory modules may not work, mainly due to the voltage of the chip. So I saved big bucks by going local. My advice, seach the internet for your model and product ID and the type of RAM used. Hope this helps Kevin from Australia

What is the RAM speeed you have to select for a P-4 processor?

Processor Type is not important when selecting memory. It's the FSB (Front Side Bus) speed that's important... FSB400 PC3200 FSB333 PC2700 FSB266 PC2100 If you have a processor with a 400MHz FSB, then you need a Motherboard which supports a 400MHz FSB. You then select the appropriate memory.

How much does a PC2700 1GB card cost?

The PC2700 1GB card costs around twenty dollars. A PC2700 1GB card can be purchased online from sites like amazon and ebay, and stores like Best Buy have them for sale.

What computers take pc2700 ddr?

A lot.

What is the definition of 512MB PC2700?

The definition of PC2700 is a type of RAM memory chip that has been used in computers for a while. 512MB is the amount of memory that can be found in the computer.

Can you replace your pc266 RAM with pc2700 RAM and are they compatible?

No and no.

DDR PC2700 runs at what speed?

333 Mhz

Where can you purchase a DDR PC2700?

There are many places where one can purchase a DDR PC2700. For example one can be purchased at Amazon or Best Buy. One could also be purchased from Crucial.

When was PC2700 DDR RAM introduced?

The PC2700 DDR RAM was introduced in 2000, having been in development for four years since 1996. It was intended to improve the speed of data transfer.

How many bits does a PC2700 module hold?

PC2700 refers to the speed of the memory, not the capacity. You would have to look at the label on the stick to find the capacity. It's usually measured in megabytes or gigabytes.

Where can one purchase a 1gb PC2700?

One could purchase a 1 Gigabyte PC2700 online at Crucial, Memory4Less, eBay and Amazon. NewEgg or Tiger Direct also sell them to those who are interested.

Is it possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram?

It is possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram, but the pc3200 ram will only run at pc2700. If you want to fully exploit the pc3200 ram then you will have to buy a motherboard that will be able to support a speed equal to pc3200 or greater.

Which type of ram is faster PC133 PC3200 PC2700 PC6400?


What type of memory does an eMachines T3042 computer use?

DDR333 PC2700

Is it possible to use pc4200 ram in a laptop designed for pc2700 ram?


Can PC5300 memory replace PC2700 memory?

No. They are different generations of DDR.

Where can someone get a PC2700 laptop memory card?

PC2700 laptop memory cards are available on Amazon and eBay. They can also be purchased at Best Buy and through Staples, as well as local electronics stores and computer repair outlets.

What is the cheapest PC2700 memory for sale on Amazon?

The Cheapest PC2700 memory on Amazon can be bought for $0.01. In fact, several outlets are offering this kind of ram at various prices and quantities, but $0.01 is one of the most common prices,

What memory modules can be installed at a 333MHz bus speed and operate at that speed?