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Sorry if there was a pill to make a butt bigger almost every woman would be walking around with a J LO butt. I guess you men will have to suffer with us women until someone invents it.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-27 22:34:13
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Q: Is there a pill for men that makes your butt bigger?
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How do men get a bigger butt?

work out

What is the role of hormones in women and men?

For women: Makes the boobs bigger and hips wider, and makes it possbile to give birth. Men: Makes the penis bigger, grows hair and muscles.

Can you make squats to make your butt bigger?

Yes, Squats will make your butt very big. You"ll have the men face deep in no time.

How do i make my butt smaller?

Well if your a girl and you are thin , having a bigger butt is not bad , same goes for men , but if u wana go through with it , i suggest you do butt crunches , you flex your butt for 2 seconds and then release , and repeat this , its like an exercise

How do you get a bigger butt if you are man?

Some men don't have much of a butt and my husband is one of them. Doesn't bother me. If it bothers you that much then go to the gym (with instructor) and work on that particular area.

Which is bigger the lungs of men and women?

Men usually have bigger lungs because men are usually bigger overall.

What to eat to get a bigger booty?

Well most men like woman with a big butt for sexual reasons and well your but is a muscle so there is really nothing you can eat to make it bigger you need to work out your butt like any other muscle and I suggest you eat a lot of protein ricj foods before and after the exercise.

Do men have hair in their ass?

yes men do have hair in their butt

Do men like nice butt?

Men loves butts :).

Why is your boyfriend obsessed with your butt?

because its hot men love a nice butt

What is a BMWs pill?

The BMWS pill is a HERBAL Sex Pill for men it enhances and increases the sex and is a intimacy pill that you take before sexual intercourse...

Is it true that bigger men have bigger penis's?


Is Acai Burn secret from the mamazon for men?

Do you mean Amazon? If you are talking about the Acai Berry Burn diet pill, the answer is yes, the pill is for men and women.

Is a men's Olympic basketball bigger than a men's Olympic volleyball?

Yes the basketball is bigger.

Who has bigger hands men or women?


Why have men got bigger arms than women?

Men do more physical work then women normally and they have less testosterone and that makes building muscles VERY hard for women

Is Matt attracted to men?

Matt is very attracted to men and he loves it in the butt

Do men like women big butt?

Some Men do and some don't

Who has bigger dick white Men or Mexican men?

Mexican men are bigger

Why do men often show their butt crack?

Men who usually show their butt crack are those who enjoy women's butt crack. So most of the men who are showing thinking women would enjoy it too and the remaining minority, they just dont care whats happening down there.

Who has a bigger brain men or women?

On average, men.

How do men pleasure themselves in the butt whole?

They can use other men, vibrators or dildos

Why do men have hair on their butt and woman don't?

It has to do with hormones.

What did John Mosby had his men do instead of surrendering?


Can a gspot be in the butt?

It is for men. It's the prostate. For women, no.