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Almost all pool heaters use a copper heat exchanger (looks like a radiator; water flows through it; fire heats the outside = hot water). Salt water or fresh water, all pools have chlorine. Over time, chlorine corrodes copper. (As a pool service provider, I have never seen rust stains caused by a copper heat exchanger: the most common causes of rust stains are iron based lawn fertilizer in the pool and metallic objects resting on the bottom too long) Copper will, however, eventually leave blue-green deposits on the plaster surfaces. While I haven't yet seen one, it is my understanding that one or more of the larger pool equipment mfrs. makes a heater with a titanium heat exchanger which does not corrode. Check with Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, etc., but expect to pay big bucks.

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Q: Is there a pool heater that is recommended if you have a salt water pool and are concerned about rust deposits?
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