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If you have two hard drives, and one is an IDEE drive using fat32 file structure, and the other is a different kind of drive and file system, your operating system may have difficulty accessing files on one or the other of your hard drives. This is not usually a problem with Windows XP, but older operating systems may not see one or the other of the drives.

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Can you install 6 drives in one computer system?

If the case has room to mount them - servers are a prime example of computer systems with multiple drives.

What is the function of 'my computer' in a computer?

My computer has all of your drives in your computer in the My Computer files. This can be accessed by going to start, my computer. Then you should see different drives like your hardware drives. Here you can access your program files and any floppy or USB drives you put into your computer.

What problems are common with large hard drives?

The most common problem with large hard drives is computer crashes.

How do you find different drives on your computer?

The computer should automatically pick up these drives. To browse them, open up 'My Computer'. If you are having trouble, if no drives appear under 'My Computer' then look for a driver CD and install that software, or perhaps even change the USB ports of the drives and the computer could then pick them up.

Can you have 2 completely different hard drives in your computer?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by totally different. Yes you can have varying styles of hard drives in a single computer, however you are of course limited by what your motherboard and operating system can handle.

What has the author Ian Dunn written?

Ian Dunn has written: 'Computer aided design of protection systems for electrical drives'

What is IDE and SCSI?

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) refers to a standardized interface that provides slots for connecting hard drives to the motherboard of a computer. SCSI, known as Small Computer Systems Interface, provides a universal interface for connecting such devices as disc drives, hard drives, plotters and scanners.

What are different computer peripherals?

Printers USB Drives Web Cam External Hard drive Anything that CONNECTS to your computer

Are motors part of a computer device?

Electric motors are used in many support and peripheral device functions in computer systems, but are not part of the computing function itself. A few examples of these are:cooling fansdisk drivestape drivesCD drivesDVD drivesprintersscannerscooling pumps (in some computers using liquid coolants)etc.

Is it safe to stack external hard drives?

i have stacked 4 external hard drives (from different brands) on top of each other for years. No problem

Why do computer drives have different names?

Inorder to know where our file is stored without any confusion!!

When do I use drive or drives in a sentence?

I drive to work every morning. She drives a car. My computer has one drive. / My computer has two drives. My brother drives me crazy. His thirst for knowledge drives him to study harder.

Why should computer systems be serviced and maintained on a regular basis?

So that they can run at maximum efficiency for you and so they will be updated and have the latest drives and software on them.

Is there a Problem with computer left in sun?

Yes, absolutely. Your computer will probably overheat, causing damage to the drives inside of it. Under no circumstances should computers be left out in the sun.

Where does the energy that drives metabolism in animals come from?

sunlightThe energy that drives metabolism in animals comes from the food they eat. Food is converted to calories, which is the energy that fuels different systems in the body.

What are some external devices of a computer?

There are loads of different external devices - including: Plotters, Printers, Scanners, Disk-drives, Modems, Screens, Pen-drives, Cameras...

What is bays of computer?

The space inside the computer for DVD/CD/Floppy(who uses these anymore?) Drives and also Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Drives.

What is computer storage flash drive?

Flash drives are also known as USB drives or universal serial bus drives. They are mainly use for storing files from a computer.

How does a magnet erase a computer or jump drive?

A magnet does not affect a computer other than the [mechanical] hard drives. Even then, you'd have to take it out and run it through a relatively powerful magnet for it to do anything. Flash drives, "jump drives", or "thumb drives" are a form of solid-state storage (just as SSDs are, but on a different level) and are not susceptible to electromagetic fields.

Is there a way to transfer programs to a different computer besides installing it from a CD?

Yes, you can use flesh drives or network.

How many ribbon cables does a computer system have?

Many newer systems don't have any ribbon cables at all. Ribbon cables were used for IDE drives, SCSI drives, and floppy drives. The number of cables will depend on the number of drives in the system (16 drives per SCSI cable, 2 per IDE cable, and 2 per floppy cable).

What are 2 files systems used by hard drives?

Discs and SSDs Solid State Drives

How many hard drives does a computer have?

It depends on the kind of computer.

What are the most common drives on a computer?

The most common "drives", or storage devices, on a computer are hard drives and optical (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) drives. Floppies were originally quite common, but have not been included on any new computers. USB-attached drives are common, but arguably not used on a single computer very often.

What is a computer engineering degree ?

With a computer engineering degree, you do repairs on the physical computer itself. Things like replacing bad drives, moving data, and repairing different aspects of the technology are included.