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I have researched this because I wanted to know the same thing and it turns out that there is not a product that is particularly made to keep your sink dry when your washing your face. However, you can just put down a towel around your sink, and that might help.

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What does the sink do in restaurant city?

Customers will wash their hands with it. To me, a sink is for washing dishes, a basin for washing hands.

Is it okay to use hand washing sink to store dirty dishes?

No. A hand washing sink is to be used only for washing hands and it must be available for that use at all times.

How can you get rid of ants on the kitchen sink?

Cover the sink with washing up liquid.

How do you get a cat out from a wall a washing machine and a sink?

From a wall, pull it out, or chip away at the wall. From a washing machine, put the washing machine on, and pull out the cat, it should be clean by now. A sink, pull it out.

How do you clean wood veneer?

by washing it in the sink

What is a good skin routine?

For a DRY face: Morning- wash face (in shower or in sink) exfoliate face moisterize Night- wash face (in shower or sink) moisterize For an OILY face: Morning- wash face (in shower ir sink) exfoliate splash cold water on face (close pores) Night- wash face (shower/sink) moisterize (even if you have oily skin because it will reduce the appearance of pores) For a COMBONATION face: Morning- wash face (shower/sink) Night- wash face (shower/sink) exfoliate moisterize

Can a sink drain and a washing machine share a stand pipe drain successfully?

No, stand pipe for washing machine is meant only for washing machine. Tie sink into drain line that washing machine stand pipe is tied into. 2" minimum drain line should be what you tie into. Sink drain line use 1 1/2".

Why does your sink gurgle when your washer drains?

This is most likely caused by a lack of venting on either your washing machine drain or sink. The gurgling noise you hear is actually air getting drawn through the water in the sinks trap as the washing machine water drains past the sink drain. Both the sink and washing machine should be checked for venting issues by a licensed plumber.

Can you wash your hair without washing your body?

In the sink with your shampoo and stuff.

What was used before the washing machine?

Scrub boards and a washtub or sink.

Why does the kitchen sink gurgle when the washing machine drains?

Because the washing machine drains down the same main drain and it's suction as it goes by is trying to suck the water out of the under sink U trap.

What soap do you use when washing Webkinz?

If you are washing it in a sink or bathtub I would use shampoo. If I was it in a the washer...probably tide! Thats what I use!

What is kitchen sink music?

Probably music that is made using the clinks and clatters of washing things in the kitchen sink. Not sure though...:/

Why does your sink fill up when your washing machine is on?

The washer drain is partially clogged or too small and the sink is the easiest place for the water to go.

What does the word sink mean?

A kitchen or bathroom washing tub, or when a boat goes to the bottom

Do you use more water by washing your plates in a sink or in a dishwasher?

A fully-loaded dishwasher will use less water than washing dishes by hand.

How was a sink used?

A sink is used to hold water for the purpose of washing dishes. Some people use their sinks to bathe babies and wash delicate clothes. A sink is a basin that has a drain at the bottom.

What is the technical difference between a sink and a lavatory?

a lavatory is strictly for hand-washing while a sink is considered miscellaneous and can be used for service, utility, kitchen and laundry basins.

In general which saves more water?

It depends on what you are talking about if you are talking about washing dishes by hand and using a dishwasher i think a dishwasher if you are talking about shower or sink i think the sink.

When your washing machine drains it gurgles in the kitchen sinkk?

That often happens if they both drain into the same pipe. Main thing to watch is that you DON'T dump food scraps down the sink, or it may plug the pipe and then prevent the washer from draining.

What is the noun of sink?

The word 'sink' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'sink' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a stationary basin for washing with a drain and usually a water supply; a word for a thing.The noun forms of the verb to sink are sinker and the gerund, sinking.

How is water wasted at school?

water is wasted in school from using the sink ,tiolet, washing your hands and more

What is the standard height for a hair washing sink?

Most appear to be 36 inches high. I have installed a few.

Can one successfully plumb a sink drain into the standpipe for a washing machine?

Yes you could, but it's usually not allowed by plumbing codes. Another point: Sometimes in Britain the outlet from a washing machine is joined to the under sink waste. I lived in a house with this arrangement once, and every time the washing machine was on you got bad smells from the drains, so I wouldn't recommend it.

How do you wash really dirty football shirt socks?

You soak it in a laundry sink with water and a lot washing detergent.