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Really, anything over 20amp would be too high with them plug fuses. The house really needs to be updated with a new breaker box panel, as well as most, or all of the wiring, fixtures and receptacles. There is a fire waiting to happen. You cannot go by the size of the fuse at all, you must go by the size of the wire. Number 14 wire is good for 15 amps, number 12 is good for 20 amps, number 10 is good for 30 amps, etc. If you wish to have a circuit capable of safely carrying a certain amount of current, you should consult an electrician to see if what you've got will serve what you need and if not then having a new circuit installed.

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Q: Is there a safe way to increase the current allowed if there is no amperage stamped on the fuse panel and all you have to go by is the old 35A fuse?
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