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All pools have a few safety issues that should be considered by any pool owner:

First, and most important, is the ability to see the bottom when emtering the water. Many people "dive" into a pool from the deck (even if the pool does not have a diving board) which can be a safety issue if the bottom is diffult to see. This problem can be especially difficult if the pool is shaded at certain times of the day, regardless of the bottom color.

Second, is the ability to see objects or persons in the water prior to entering the water to avoid an impact or collision.

Third, would be the concern that the question raises about the ability to see a small child under the water.

Black and dark color pools have been in use extensively for years and have not proven to be more dangerous than lighter colored pools.

In regards to your question, the best advice is to NEVER have to look for a missing child in the water in the first place by exercising extreme caution and employing all recommended safeguards to keep children safe around your pool.

ANSWER:: And I might add to that. Children should be under constant supervision. No distractions such as using a phone, taking care of details near the pool. Your eyes should never leave small children in pools, period. The clarity of the pool water is of utmost concern with not being able to see a child, person, pet who is under the surface of the water. Do not rely on flotation devices. These are toys unless they are approved by the USCG.

The safety issue here is when you distract your attention from the child or children in the pool you loose visual contact -- that is when a mishap can occur. If there more children than you can safely handle then you need help from another parent or adult! More children drown when the person in charge has diverted their attention from the pool.


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Q: Is there a safety issue of black bottoms making it difficult to see small children in the pool?
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