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Is there a season 3 of It Started With a Kiss?


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There is...


1. There is a "to be continued" banner seen on the last episode

2. There are lots of unconfirmed things like if Yuan Xiang Qin's retinitis pigmentosa will be slightly cured, because there are ways like vitamin A intake, and visual prosthetics to avoid her being blind; and the result of her pregnancy test.

3. How about Ah Jin and Christine's wedding party in Taiwan?

4. It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss again are both top - rating.

Maybe It Started With A Kiss 3 will be premiered on the end of 2009...like They Kiss again....I guess it could be called "The Last Kiss"... or "The Precious Kiss"...

* I doubt that there will be a started with a kiss 3 for 1 main reason, the guy that wrote the manga died, and the director wants to stay true to the original story, seeing as the manga guy couldn't write the rest of the story out from his grave, I HIGHLY doubt there will be a season 3....

( oh and also, the to be continued refers to the clip at the end of episode 20 season 2 where they are walking to the hospital...)

There will be a season 3. I heard that he will find a cure for her. Though she thought she had a miscarriage...she didn't!!! She found out she was having twins. Then his girlfriend he had before Ariel will come back ---s he was breaking their marriage.