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No. If you know the manufacturer and model some information may be available. Several enthusiast sites have lists that identify the year of manufacture by serial number for some popular models. The Springfield Research Center site has compiled a very incomplete list of serial numbers that have verified military history, but even there a hit will probably only give a date it was issued, inventoried, or disposed of by a unit.

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Is there an on-line site where you can enter the serial number to find the age of an Ithaca 16 gauge double barrel hammerless serial 848917?

Go to diamondgunsmithing on the internet and enter your serial number. That will do it.

Is there a site where you can enter a serial number from your Colt gun to find when it was manufactured?


Is there a serial number lookup site for a mossberg 500e?

Mossberg does not have a site for determining serial number/date references.

How do you find the year of manufacture of a Winchester Model 1892 in 32-20 caliber with a serial number of 49726x?

you can go to this site and check for the manufacturer of your rifle. you can enter in the serial number and it will tell you the year. go to this site. ccroll down the left collum.

How can you tell when a browning A5 WAS MADE?

You can call Browing or you can request a history letter or you can go the Browning web site and check the serial number.

How do you find serial number ruger revolver?

Ruger has a serial number search function on the company web site.

Is there a serial number lookup site for a Mossberg 600 AT?


Is there a site for game serial numbers?

Yes, the game manufacturer usually has a site to sell you a serial number. WikiAnswers will not assist with software piracy.

How old is my model 55 Winchester 30-30 Serial number 9476?

I have a model 55 with serial number 7902 which was manufactured in 1927. Use this web site, click on model and enter serial number it will tell you the date of manufacture. or old to start Sam B at

What year is a ruger 1022 serial number 251-35370?

Ruger has extensive serial number information on their web site.

Is there a place to enter the serial number of a smith and Wesson model 10-5 and determine the year of manufacture?

No, there is no such site. The Model 10-5 was made during 1962.

When and where was my browning auto 5 serial number c5819 made and is there a site that I can go to for more indepth research on this gun?

Go to the Browning home page where they list serial numbers of all brownings. you can send browning the serial number of your gun and for a price they will send you the history of your particular gun.

How do you unlock battle realms demo?

You should enter a crack number to unlock it and make it into a full version. You need to get a serial key. You can obtain a serial key once you buy the game from the site. but there is also another way to get serial key but i won't tell you because we are not friends.. :P

What is the phone number of the Treaty Site History Center in St Peter Minnesota?

The phone number of the Treaty Site History Center is: 507-934-2160.

Where can you get a repair manual for Ranch King mowers?

Ranch King is manufactured by MTD, and they have manuals online. Enter your model number and serial number at the following site to download a copy of the manual.

How can you check the serial number on a handgun?

Contact the maker or check their web site.

How can you get your serial number of internet download manager?

Contact their support site for assistance

What year was a browning Sweet Sixteen serial?

Impossible top answer without the serial number. You will have to call or visit the Browning site.

What is the year of a browning Sweet Sixteen serial?

Since you did not provide the serial number, you will have to call Browning or visit their web site.

What year is your A5 12 Gauge Browning with serial?

You will have to call Browning or visit their web site or provide the serial number.

What year was a browning hi power made with the serial number 9704?

You can call Browning or visit their web site. They have serial number data available for review.

Date of manufacture of a Winchester 270 serial number 2058498?

Winchester site says that the serial number is too high

When and where was a Browning 16 gauge auto with this serial number A5096 made?

That serial number does not conform to Brownings web site. Go to the brownings website and you will see why.

How old is a Browning BT99 Serial 585D8?

Incomplete serial number. Get the complete number, go to Browning's site, Support, Date Your Firearm. They have a complete listing.

How do you identify trumpet by serial number?

Go to the maker's web site & see if they have a phone number listed.