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not that I know of. like a auto repair ship, you pay what they charge

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2008-06-05 15:06:03
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Q: Is there a standard that repair shops use when charging for parts and labor when repairing guns?
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In PA should a car repair be charging sales tax on the labor?


How much does radiator repair cost on average?

Well radiator repair will depend on the damage or replacements needed to fix the radiator. Thus, no average cost is really available. However, if it is only minor repair I would think that it should only cost $50 dollars for parts and then whatever the repair man is charging for labor.

How much should it cost to repair a flex pipe for nisian maxima?

It cost about $40 for the part from Nissan or an independent parts dealer, plus another $60 for labor that's what my shop is charging me to fix mine.

Can an employer deviate from labor guide repair times for flat rate mechanics. For example pay less than what it calls for from a standard labor guide or make the mechanic do free inspections?

Employers MUST pay for the time employees actually work and nothing else. Estimated repair times are irrelevant, actual work hours matter.

How much does a standard computer repair cost?

A computer repair charge depends entirely on the nature of the fault. Labor charges can mount up quickly and many repair technicians have a fixed minimum charge before looking at a computer. The only way to get an estimate of the cost is to inquire with a repair company and ask for a quotation before proceeding with any work.

How much does it cost to replace all water hose on a 96 mercury villager?

When repairing a car, it is important to know the cost of the repair. A 1996 Mercury Villager it would cost between $20 and $60+ depending on part brand, shipping costs or labor costs.

What do you mean by labor cost variance?

Labor cost variance means the difference between standard labor cost and actual labor cost.

Can you add sales tax to labor in Arizona?

Yes, if the labor involves repairing, replacing or affixing to real property, it is charged at the rate of 65% of the sales tax for the county where the property is located.

Will the direct labor price variance always be unfavorable if more hours are worked than the standard hours allowed for the actual output attained?

No, Direct labor price variance is created due to difference in standard labor rate and actual labor rate for example standard labor rate per unit is 10 and actual labor rate is 11 then 1 per unit is unfavourable direct labor price variance.

What is the Direct labor efficiency variance formula?

(actual time * standard rate) - (standard time * standard rate)

How much would glass repair cost for a large bay window?

The cost of repairing a large bay window depends on the style of the window, quality of the glass, and the cost of labor for the installer. The cost can range anywhere from $750 to $1,000 per window.

What is a fair price for labor on clutch repair?

$200-$350 no more.

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