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Is there a switch on the clutch that could prevent a car from starting?

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yes, it is a neutral safety switch. When this switch has an open circut, it will not let the car start. The switch should be located under the dash on the top to the cluch pedal.

2015-07-17 17:44:40
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I have a problem starting a 1996 Honda Civic I heard it might be the clutch relay because it's like trying to start the car without having the clutch pushed in. Any ideas on what could cause this?

If the clutch switch failed then the car will not start unless the switch is bypassed. The purpose of a clutch safety switch is to prevent the car from dangerously starting, so when it malfunctions that car will not start without it switch off.

Where is the neutral or safety clutch switch located on a 1987 Mazda b2000?

Clutch safety switch =- should be on the top of the clutch pedal under dash area Neutral safety switch could be at the lower end of the gearshift handle or at the side of the transmission

What could prevent a 2001 Ford Ranger that cranks fine from starting anti-theft bad oil pressure sensor?

no spark check neutral safety switch / clutch "engaged" switch (?????) emergency fuel shutoff switch bad fuel pump ( should be able to hear that engage if you just turn the key one click forward but not to start)if its an automatic try it in neutral

91 escort pony the clutch and ignition suddenly are not working Any ideas Thanks?

There is a switch on the clutch that won't let the car start unless the clutch pedal is fully depressed. You can turn the key but the starter won't engage. Something stuck under the clutch pedal (matt, etc...) will do it or if someone kicked the switch or possibly the switch has died. You could use a jumper wire to bypass the switch if you had to or just replace the switch.

Mazda miata won't start could it be the clutch?

It could be the clutch safety switch. Does the engine crank and not start, or is it not cranking. If it cranks, then no, it could not be the clutch. If it won't crank then you can climb under the dash and look for the switch that closes when the clutch is pushed all the way to the floor (big white plastic switch). This switch has two large wires going into it. You can unplug the switch and jump the two female connectors in the wiring harness that led to the switch. A large paper clip works, but don't let it touch anything metal while you're cranking the engine. If the engine now cranks and starts normally, the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. Hope this helps.

What could prevent a Ford Taurus from starting if a new ignition switch has been installed?

My Taurus won't start if the steering wheel isn't perfectly straight.

If the AC compressor clutch does not kick in and the relay and fuse are ok what could be the problem?

The clutch receives it's signal to engage from a pressure switch in the system. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system the pressure switch will not close resulting in no power at the compressor clutch to make it engage.

How can you bypass the starter lockout switch on a 1990 Toyota Camry standard transmission that should activate and allow the car to start when the clutch is fully depressed?

This answer is based on experience with my aunt's ~1995 Toyota pickup, but it should apply to the Camry, too. I imagine her problem was similar to yours. I had set out to bypass the switch, but ultimately did not have to (read on). Look for the switch behind the clutch pedal. When the clutch is depressed, the switch is engaged when the arm of the clutch pedal presses a button on the switch assembely. Although I am sure that you could bypass the switch, you probably don't need to. On the truck I was working on, the problem was that the button was not fully depressed when the clutch was depressed. You can test whether the switch is working by pushing the button and starting the car. If it works, you can make sure that the switch button gets fully pressed in when the clutch is depressed. The switch is mounted on a piece of sheet metal; using an adjustable wrench or pliers, bend the switch assembly toward the rear of the car. Alternatively, you could shim the button by glueing a piece of plastic to the end of the button. if none of that works, unplug that switch and put a jumper between the 2 wires that go to it.

Your low side port for ac is registering about 110 psi and the ac does not work is there a way you can fix this?

The problem could be the low pressure switch on the reciever/dryer or a bad switch on the fan blower in the passenger compartment or it could be a faulty relay for the electrical clutch on the A/C clutch.

Why does the brake light come on when engaging the clutch - it goes off as soon as I release the clutch. It doesn't come on when I brake...?

There is ( or should be ) a switch on your brake pedal lever that tells your brake lights to come on. Could this switch be incorrectly mounted on your clutch pedal instead? Do you have a switch on each pedal? If you do the one on your clutch is so the car won't start unless the clutch is depressed. It might have the wires reversed or the switches might both be mounted on the wrong pedal.

Could a bad water pump prevent a car from starting?


Your 2006 kia spectra 5 does not start on the first turnany suggestions on what could be wrong?

We had the same problem, and thought maybe it was the battery, turned out to be a faulty clutch switch. Next time the car won't start, try pushing down HARD on the cluch 3 times and then try starting it again, if it starts, you've got a bad clutch switch. Hope that helps!

What could be wrong with your 1997 Honda Accord if it wont turn over when you turn the keys although it was fine just a day ago you checked the battery and the battery is fine?

Clutch pedal switch or deteriated clutch pedal switch pad.

Why would a car not roll over when starting?

If you mean "turning over", there could be a thousand reasons but I would check the battery and connections first. Also, there may be a safety switch on the clutch or shifter. Some are even actuated by having to have the brake pedal depressed when starting.

My 2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L isnt starting I've replaced several relay fuses for the blower and ac. I found out that there is a recall on my ignition switch for my car could that be the problem or not?

A faulty ignition switch can certainly prevent an engine from starting. Before wasting any more money, take the vehicle to the dealer and see what they'll do about the switch.

Your 1992 Ford F250 wont crank with the ignition but will at the cylonoid What could be wrong?

Either the neutral lockout switch, an electrical connection or the keyswitch. If it's a stickshift it could be the clutch pedal lockout switch.

What could prevent a PING from being sent to the workstations when they are connected through the switch?

Firewalls prevent pings sometimes, especially Windows Firewall. Are they on the same switch or different switch? Is there a router / firewall / bridge between the switches? Are you sure it's a switch and not a hub?

What could be causing a 1997 Ford F250 Diesel to roll when starting?

your clutch may be going bad

Key turns will not start it is like the safety switch on the clutch is not engageing any suggestions?

several could bes. If there is no action, the engine does not turn, the rod running from the key switch to the ignition switch on the column could be broken, or the ignition switch itself could haved malfunctioned. If there has be work immediately privious to the problem, check for loose connection, expecially on the ignition switch.

Why won't a 96 Maxima start but the lights and radio come on?

it could be a number of things but the usual causes are the neutral safety switch or an "open" in the starting circuit or simply a bad conection,at battery or starter. Try putting your vehicle in neutral and then try turning it on.if is manual transmission instead of the neutral safety switch it would be the clutch start switch.

Could a car not starting up have something to do with the transmission?

THE netural Saftey Switch could B bad .

What is wrong when car runs and then will not crank?

Battery cables could be loose, battery could be bad, starter could be bad, starter solenoid could be bad, ignition switch could be bad. Turn on the headlights and try to crank the engine. If the headlights dim or go out look at the cables or battery. If they stay bright look at starter, solenoid or ignition switch. The neutral safety switch or clutch petal switch could do it too.

Why on my 2002 Pontiac Grand am Car will not turn over when key turned to start battery and starter both good but car is dead?

could be neutralsafety switch or clutch pedal switch.

What could make a Starter in a 1992 Nasson 4-cylinder truck quits working?

If the truck is manual. There are a couple of place to check. A bad ignition switch, bad clutch interlock switch or a bad starter relay. If it is an automatic. The selector switch could be bad.

Ac switch 2002 Pontiac has three prongs which two do you jump to get clutch engage?

Dont jump them, its not a switch, its a transducer and you could wreck your pcm by jumping the wrong one. Run a power wire directly to your compressor to get the clutch to engage. If it doent engage then, it is your clutch. Remember to first check refridgerant level and fuses/relays. Good luck.