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Probably so. Look under your dash and follow the clutch pedal with your eyes if possible- with your hands if not. It is a safety feature to keep vehicle from starting in gear. I have heard of them being bypassed.

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Q: Is there a switch to allow ignition on the clutch or clutch pedal of a 1991 ford bronco?
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Is there a switch to allow ignition on the clutch or clutch pedal of a 1999 ford?

Yes, and I think that is actually a law. It prevents starting the vehicle while it is in gear, dangerous stuff.

What is the main function if an ignition safety switch?

To not allow the engine to start unless the shift is in park or neutral in an automatic or the clutch is depressed in a standard transmission.

Is there a switch or fuse to allow ignition on the clutch or clutch pedal of a 1990 Isuzu Trooper 2?

Help me please - engaged clutch - turned key- engine turned over - power and all then died -- restarted - pop and no power as if battery died???? what can I trouble shoot and where to start???? Thanks

What needs to be changed besides checking the fuse in Chevy Silverado in order to get the ac compressor clutch to come on?

There is a pressure switch that runs the clutch. If there is not enough freon in the system the switch will never allow the clutch to turn on.

Is there a clutch safety switch on a 1991 Honda civic HB?

yes there is. it is located under neath the drivers instrument panel, at the top of the clutch pedal assembly. It has a 2 pin connector, one wire running to a ground, and the other wire running to the starter relay. the clutch pedal must be depressed to start the vehicle and allow the ignition to engage the starter.

The ignition switch will not turn at all What do you do?

Are you using an original key, or a replacement that has the proper security computer chip located in the fat plastic part of the key? If not, the car's security system will keep the ignition locked and will not allow you to turn the ignition switch. ALSO: some earlier models of Focus had ignition switches that were a problem. If you ARE using the correct key and can't turn the switch to start the car anymore, the ignition switch may have to be replaced.

Would the clutch positioning switch keep your 1989 Honda prelude from starting?

Yes, this switch must be activated to allow the engine to start. If this switch has failed, it may function improperly or not at all.

Car won't start not even a click but when you play with the clutch it starts?

ANSWER:Im not sure of the manufacturer of the car, but some newer models have a safety switch that will not allow the ignition to work unless the clutch is fully pressed in. The switch can be worn down or the contact point may be loose. Check with the dealership and talk to the survive manager and ask if this is a common occurance in that type of make and model. It might be as simple as a loose wire.

What is the main function of the ignition safety switch?

To prevent the engine from being started while the transmission is any gear other than park or neutral.

Why won't ford ranger diesel push start It has manual transmission.?

Because you have to have the clutch depressed to start it. They came factory with a clutch safety switch that will not allow the engine to start unless the clutch pedal is pressed to the floor . NOT. the clutch safety switch only allows the starter to be energized... If the glow plugs will cycle then the truck can be pulled to start. When my starter solenoid was bad I pulled it to start.

How does the starter relay work in the older automobiles?

A signal from the ignition switch closes the contacts in the relay to allow current to flow to the starter.

How do you bypass the neutral safety switch in a 94 Toyota pickup?

just unplug the connector going to the switch that is mounted on top of your brake pedal and hook up a jumper wire to jump the 2 terminals (on the connector side not on the switch side) this will allow you to start the truck without pushing in the clutch and without pushing the clutch start cancel button.

16.5hp Craftmen mower engine stalls when clutch is released Why?

That is usually caused by a bad seat switch or a bad connection at the switch. It is a safety feature that will not allow the mower to drive or blades to turn if no one is on the seat.

Is there a switch on the clutch pedal that starts the 1997 wrangler vehicle?

On my 2002 wrangler you have to put a fuse in the fuse box behind the glove box. I think it says transmission but this will allow you to start the Jeep without having to push in the clutch.

What is a clutch wrench?

A clutch wrench is a mechanical tool used to hold a clutch in place during installation. This holds the clutch still and does not allow it to move.

What and where is the PNP switch on your 99 Toyota Corolla?

The pnp switch is short for Park/Neutral Switch. Its pretty much the middle man between the ignition switch and the starter. It only allows the current from the ignition switch to reach the starter if the vehicle is in park or neutral. Its usually connected to the shifter. Allow me to correct myself on the first answer. If the shifter is on the column it will be located in the column region. If shifters on the floor its under the vehicle and connected to the shifter.

How can you bypass the starter lockout switch on a 1990 Toyota Camry standard transmission that should activate and allow the car to start when the clutch is fully depressed?

This answer is based on experience with my aunt's ~1995 Toyota pickup, but it should apply to the Camry, too. I imagine her problem was similar to yours. I had set out to bypass the switch, but ultimately did not have to (read on). Look for the switch behind the clutch pedal. When the clutch is depressed, the switch is engaged when the arm of the clutch pedal presses a button on the switch assembely. Although I am sure that you could bypass the switch, you probably don't need to. On the truck I was working on, the problem was that the button was not fully depressed when the clutch was depressed. You can test whether the switch is working by pushing the button and starting the car. If it works, you can make sure that the switch button gets fully pressed in when the clutch is depressed. The switch is mounted on a piece of sheet metal; using an adjustable wrench or pliers, bend the switch assembly toward the rear of the car. Alternatively, you could shim the button by glueing a piece of plastic to the end of the button. if none of that works, unplug that switch and put a jumper between the 2 wires that go to it.

How do you remove the ignition switch on a Chevy?

It depends on what year. For 72 and earlier (in the dash) follow this. 1. Turn ignition switch to off position and leave the key in the switch. 2. Disconnect the battery. 3. Take a small dia. paper clip and insert it into the small hole in the face of the ignition switch. You will feel a small button that you depress. 4. While depressing the button, turn the key to the accessory position (counter clockwise) and using the key remove the cylinder. 5. You can now remove the bezel by unscrewing it CCW. 6. This will allow you to remove the ignition switch from the dash and disconnect the wire harness plug from the rear of the switch. I hope this helps someone. From an old gear head.

Why does my Ford Windstar engine clicks every 20 sec?

It is probably your AC clutch. Turn your blower position switch to vent.......If it stops then it was just the AC clutch. It will still cycle when the switch is in Defrost or AC. The reason for this is to allow the system to keep circulating in the winter when it is never being used. You know the old saying, if you don't use it you lose it.........................

How do you adjust clutch on Saab?

To adjust the clutch pedal on a Saab the clutch line needs to be bled. Bleeding the clutch line will allow any air to escape and stiffen up the pedal.

1996 Ford F150 will not start the shift lever on the column is very loose Is there a contact switch in the column linkage that completes the circuit for the ignition?

Yes, there is a lockout switch that will not allow the starter to engage if the engine is not in Neutral or Park. If that switch fails, is loose or not adjusted properly the engine will not start.

How do you remove ignition switches on '81 vette with t and t'?

If you do not have experience, removing the ignition switch is a job best left to a locksmith. However, if you think that you can tackle the task on your own, there are a few steps to follow. First, pull out the steering wheel, hub, and locking plate. Then, remove the necessary screws to pull the turn signal partially out. After this, reach in and remove the bolt. This will allow you to slide the ignition switch out.

1993 Ford Ranger will not start?

check the rollover inertia switch on front passenger side of cab. It has to be plugged in and fully depressed (white button) for the ball to make contact and allow the fuel system to work. It might be bad but I have not seen one go bad yet. Also if it is a 5 speed or 4 speed you need to depress the clutch to start. the clutch contacts a clutch sensor if it is bad or unplugged from the wire harness the truck will not start. I don't have experience with the automatic transmission version but I will bet it also has a neutral indicator switch that could also be the problem. I assume you have checked battery voltage and such. The last think I have experienced with intermittent starting in the ignition switch in front of the key on the steering column. You would have to take the column cover off and get a special torx tamper proof bit (27 if i remember correctly) that has a hole in the center to fit over the ignition switch screw. Just replace it at $15.00 or less it is a cheap peace of mind that that is not the problem.

What is The purpose of an accumulator in a clutch circuit is to?

Allow a smooth engagement.

How do you fix 95 Chevy Astro van pressure switch and clutch not getting power on ac?

The pressure switch will not allow the clutch on the compressor to engage if it has too low of a pressure, or too high of a pressure. The normal reason for the clutch to not engage is that the system is low on Freon, and that normally means you have a leak in the system that is costly to NOT repair. To Test: Unplug the switch and turn on the AC, probe each side of the switch with a Volt Meter or a test light for power, if you have power then that is not the problem. If you do not have power begin at the fuses and work outwards to find the problem (advanced). Switch replacement is simple, unplug the wires, unscrew the switch (there is a Schrader valve to stop leaks) and put a new switch on. If that does not solve the problem, you are low on Freon you need the system checked before you throw good money after bad in refilling the system constantly.