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Wounded might be a good term for a housefly that has no wings but is still alive.

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How many times does a housefly beat its wings per second?

a housefly beats its wings around 200 times per second

How many wings do housefly have?

2 or 4

Are dragon with wings still alive?


If a housefly beats its wings 190 times a second then how many times do it beat its wings a minute?

190 * 60 = 1140, so a housefly must beat its wings 1140 times a minute.

What are the characteristics of a housefly?

wings 6 legs antannae

What the difference with young of the housefly and the young of the grasshopper?

The young of a housefly is a maggot (eats rotting meat). It becomes an adult housefly after going through a pupae (chrysalis) stage.The young of a grasshopper is a nymph (eats vegetation). It is a miniature version of an adult grasshopper, but is without the wings of an adult (the wings develop later).

How many pairs of wings does the housefly have?

Like most Diptera (meaning "two-winged"), houseflies have only one pair of wings.

How does a housefly fly?

The housefly has two halters that allow it to fly. If they are both removed, they are not able to fly at all. Their wings provide enough power for them to make complicated flight movements.

What is the similarity between mosquito and housefly?

they all USE one pair of wings....

What is an insect with wings and a shiny body?

A June Bug but there are many others, if it's a housefly but shiny it's a bottle or blowfly

What is the movement of housefly?

A house fly moves by flying. The wings of a house fly can beat about 200 times in one second.

How fast can flies fly?

The average speed of a housefly is 4.5 miles per hour. They beat their wings about 200 times per second.

What are the characterstics of housefly?

The common housefly is smaller than a dime, it has 2 wings and if veiwed through a microscope it has little prickly hairs all over it, they are nasty and they will get on your food and contaminate your food. So try to kill them asap and keep your food covered.

How do the structural differences in the grasshopper and housefly enable them to exhibit more complex behavior than centipedes and millipedes?

Grasshoppers and Houseflies have wings and the Centipedes and Millipedes do not.

Does a bees wings stick out when they are standing still?

When bees are standing still, the wings are folded back along the body. When they are flying the wings expand perpendicular to the body.

What animal has wings and give birth to young alive?


What are some adaptations for crickets to survive name 3?

they have wings to fly away from predators, they have antenae for feeling, some can freeze and then still be alive when the ice has melted off them...

Did Zeus have wings?

no but he could still most likely fly. Hermes had wings

What result from the zonosemata experiment support the sub-hyphothesis that waving alone reduces predation by jumping spider?

Zonosemataflies with housefly wings are attacked less frequently.

Is it still a lizard if it has wings?


How can you tell a small butterfly from a moth?

Butterflies hav their wings up when they are standing still. moths spread their wings when their standing still

What results from the Zonosemata experiment support the sub-hypothesis that wing waving alone reduces predation by jumping spiders?

Zonosemata flies with housefly wings are attacked less frequently

Do flies wings stick out when it is standing still?


Why do birds that can't fly have wings?

They have wings because they evolved from a flying ancestor with wings. Some still use their wings for other purposes. Penguins use their wings to swim. Ostriches and emus use their wings to help with balance and steering when they run.

Do vampire bats have wings?

Yes. They are still bats.