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No, the time of day has nothing to do of whether or not you will know if you are pregnant. It just depends on the level of hormones you have present at the time you take the test.

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Q: Is there a time of day that is best for taking a pregnancy test?
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Is a fertility test the same as a pregnancy test?

No, a fertility test tells you if you are capable of conception or when your best time to conceive is. A pregnancy test tells if the pregnancy hormone is present in your urine.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test after pregnancy?

"After pregnancy?"If you know you are pregnant then don't take the test.Lmao -_-

After how much time girl get to know that she is pregnant?

You should wait at least 14 days after having sex to confirm pregnancy. By this time the pregnancy hormone (hcg) should be high enough for a home pregnancy to detect. Be sure to read the instructions of the pregnancy test through to get accurate results. For example, testing in the morning is the best time, don't drink excessive fluids before taking the test just to be able to take the test sooner, etc.

Can you still be pregnant if pregnancy tests come out negative every time you take one?

that depends if ur having sex and then taking the pregnancy test

How soon can you take a pregnancy test if you are still taking the pill?

you can take one at any time you think you are pregnant.

When is the right time to take pregnency test?

Taking a pregnancy test a few days after your expected missed period will give you more accurate results.

Can Cymbalta cause a false negative pregnancy test?

I am currently researching on this too. I am also taking Cymbalta and am at least a week late for my period - the pregnancy test were all negative. I am usually always on time.

What time in the morning to take a test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test in the morning is right before you first urinate. This will give you the most accurate results by allowing the pregnancy hormone to accumulate therefore be easier to detect by the test.

When is the best time to check pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is when you miss your period. This is usually about two weeks after conception, when the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus and started producing the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is the hormone that pregnancy tests detect. If you take a pregnancy test before this time, the test may not be accurate as there may not be enough of the hormone present in your body. It's also important to note that everyone's menstrual cycle is different, so it's best to wait until you have missed your period before taking a pregnancy test. If you still get a negative result after missing your period, it's a good idea to wait a few more days and then test again. In some cases, it can take up to two weeks after a missed period for the hCG levels to be high enough to show up on a pregnancy test. If you're still unsure, it's best to consult a doctor who can provide further advice and guidance. Get more information by female specialist doctor at - Miracles Healthcare

What is the best time of day to take a early pregnancy test?

I don't think the time of day has any effect on the results you get.(:

I am not sure if I am pregnant but if I am then I am anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks how would I know if I am I am having back pains and feel sick all the time and my stomach feels like its cramping?

That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.

When on birth control can you still take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test any time you like. Birth control does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.