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Find the switch attached to the brake pedal for the shift interlock and jump the two wires together. Be careful not to disconnect the brake light switch

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Q: Is there a way to bypass the switch that allows the shifter to shift out of park when you depress the brake on a 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis?
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What is wrong with a 1997 ford escort when it won't shift out of park?

Sounds like your neutral safety switch. When you depress your brake, a cylinder in the shifter mechanism releases and allows the gear change. I would bring it to a mechanic, and get it inspected.

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This is a shifter to a manual transmission. It is shorter than the normal shifter, and it allows for better maneuvering and shifting ability. It also improves the cars performance because it eliminates the extra time betweeen shifing.

What sensor would cause your 1994 SHO not t come out of park?

Check the switch on the brake pedal that allows the transmission shifter to move into gear. If this switch/cable is broken the shifter doesn't know the brake is pressed so it will not allow shifter to move. It is a safety feature... a good one too.

How do you fix a 1998 Contour that only allows you to shift out of park when you push down the brake pedal and repeatedly press the shift switch until the permissive releases?

replace the shifter cables and shifter shaft itself the lock could be broke or one of the cables

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What is the little slide button for on by the gear shift?

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What would cause the gear shifter in a 1995 Saturn SC1 to be jammed in park until the car warms up some?

Possibly bad fluid. Change it along with the fluid. Another thing to check is the brake switch that allows the shifter to move only if the brake is pressed

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