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Find the switch attached to the brake pedal for the shift interlock and jump the two wires together. Be careful not to disconnect the brake light switch

2007-02-24 20:15:04
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What is wrong with a 1997 ford escort when it won't shift out of park?

Sounds like your neutral safety switch. When you depress your brake, a cylinder in the shifter mechanism releases and allows the gear change. I would bring it to a mechanic, and get it inspected.

What allows mercury to dissolve in water?

Mercury (Hg) is not soluble in water.

When air pressure decreases the mercury in a barometer .?

The mercury rises. The lower atmospheric pressure allows the mercury to drop in level.

What is short shift?

This is a shifter to a manual transmission. It is shorter than the normal shifter, and it allows for better maneuvering and shifting ability. It also improves the cars performance because it eliminates the extra time betweeen shifing.

Why does Mercury stay in the barometer?

A barometer is a closed-system vacuum that allows the mercury to expand with changes in temperature and pressure.

What sensor would cause your 1994 SHO not t come out of park?

Check the switch on the brake pedal that allows the transmission shifter to move into gear. If this switch/cable is broken the shifter doesn't know the brake is pressed so it will not allow shifter to move. It is a safety feature... a good one too.

How do you fix a 1998 Contour that only allows you to shift out of park when you push down the brake pedal and repeatedly press the shift switch until the permissive releases?

replace the shifter cables and shifter shaft itself the lock could be broke or one of the cables

Are there pills to reduce Mercury absorption?

There are pills which can neutralize mercury. This is called Selenium. It is found naturally in nuts and fish. It is also available as a dietary supplement. It mixes with the mercury and allows it to flush out of your system.

What is the little slide button for on by the gear shift?

When pressed, it allows the shifter to be moved from park to any other gear without turning the key and depressing the brake. This allows your car to be put in neutral without having the keys in the ignition.

What type of transmission for a 2001 Honda Prelude?

It came in both traditional manual transmission and sequential "SportShift", which is automatic transmission that has a shifter that allows for upshifts and downshifts.

What would cause the gear shifter in a 1995 Saturn SC1 to be jammed in park until the car warms up some?

Possibly bad fluid. Change it along with the fluid. Another thing to check is the brake switch that allows the shifter to move only if the brake is pressed

Can Mercury burn skin?

It does not cause burns in terms of seconds. However if one allows the mercury to stay on the skin for long period of time, it will cause posioning which will be fatal. Poisioning will be correct term. For Lab purpose, DO NOT TOUCH MERCURY.

Why Mercury used in barometer?

Mercury is used in barometers due to its high density. This allows mercury to be used in a small container. If you used water for example, which has a low density, your barometer would have to be around 15-34 meters tall.

Why Mercury is used in barometer?

Mercury is used in barometers due to its high density. This allows mercury to be used in a small container. If you used water for example, which has a low density, your barometer would have to be around 15-34 meters tall.

Which planet can get colder Venus or Mercury?

Although being closer to the sun, Mercury is the colder of the two planets. Venus's thick atmosphere allows for a greater greenhouse effect, trapping heat easily and retaining it for longer than Mercury can.

Why is mercury used for electrical appliances?

it is a good conductor of electricity so it allows electrical currents to flow

Why does a blown fuse lock up a gearshift?

The fuse powers the shift lock out, when you step on the brake it powers an soliniod that allows the shifter to move. you possibly have no brake lights also.

What and where is the PNP switch on your 99 Toyota Corolla?

The pnp switch is short for Park/Neutral Switch. Its pretty much the middle man between the ignition switch and the starter. It only allows the current from the ignition switch to reach the starter if the vehicle is in park or neutral. Its usually connected to the shifter. Allow me to correct myself on the first answer. If the shifter is on the column it will be located in the column region. If shifters on the floor its under the vehicle and connected to the shifter.

Where is the neutral switch on a 1965 Chevy Impala?

The neutral switch on a 1965 Chevy Impala is located under the transmission shifter. It detects when the vehicle is in park or neutral and allows the engine to be started.

Where is the computer control module on your 94 Mercury Cougar?

The computer control module for a 94 Mercury Cougar is located behind the glove compartment. This allows it to be accessed easily while protecting it from damage.

Why was mercury first used in thermometer?

mercury is unique in that it is a liquid at room temperature. this property allows it to expand as the temperature rises and contract as the temperature cools much more freely than metals in a solid state.

Is a Marquis Jet a good way to travel?

A Marquis Jet card is a private owned company through NetJets Aviation that allows customers to purchase behind the concept that business people need to travel on their own time not on a "regular" airline time. Time can be purchased as needed and used for business purposes at a lesser cost.

What year is this mercury boat motor serial no134949?

Unfortunately to find out the year of a Mercury boat motor one needs not only the serial number, but also the horse power rating. This allows it to be narrowed down to a specific year.

What is a clutch brake used for on a tractor trailer truck?

When you depress the clutch pedal all the way down the clutch brake stops the input shaft from rotating. This allows the transmission to be put in gear. Never depress the clutch fully ( all the way to the floor) when the truck is moving in any gear. The clutch brake is about the size of a compact disc and cannot stop the input shaft when the truck is moving in gear. This will destroy the clutch brake.

How do you change rear brake light 2001 mercury villager?

To change the rear brake light on a Mercury Villager, the tail gate must first be lifted. This allows access to the lens, which must be removed with a screwdriver. Then, the bulb may be replaced.