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Look up "caveat emptor". That's roughly translated to "no".

2006-08-05 01:27:13
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2001 Isuzu Rodeo Sport what would cause the transmission to lockup in 4th gear?

I am not a transmission expert just a Rodeo Sport owner and this is the problem we had and to fix our problem it was the (Battery) not enough power going to computer to transmission which detected a short in the electrical to the transmission and to save the computer the car it shuts down the transmission, so get a new battery before taking it to transmission expert, might not cost as much as our experiment to detect the problem by the hour charge.

Your parents died and left you property your name is on the deed but not on the mortgage is that a problem?

It is not a problem, but the mortgage will still have to be paid by the surviving co-owner even if that co-owner did not borrow or get any of the money from the mortgage, because it is a lien on the house.

Who is the owner of castle transmission?

Thomas Hunt

How do you get a title for a vehicle if the owner didn't give you a title?

Did you get a bill of sale? Post a bond - it costs some money- that there is no problem with the title.

What gives banks power over your money?

When money is deposited in a bank, that bank uses the money for loans and other business endeavors. The money in an account belongs to the owner and can be withdrawn at any time. If the bank is in trouble, the deposits are insured through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

What is the use of owner in accounting?

The owner can invest money in the company and withdrawal money from a company. They have what is called equity. Equity is built by putting time money and effort into the company which entitles the owner to get money back from the company when it is able to do so.

Where is the transmission dipstick 2007 sporttrac?

According to the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owner Guide : The automatic transmission does not have an underhood transmission fluid dipstick

Who is largest owner of cell transmission sites?

American Tower Corp

How much money do you get being a owner?

It depends what your talking about{owner of a mall,owner of a fast food place,ect. there all different and also depends on how much money they get monthly}

Which make more money an WWE wrestler or a business owner?

Business owner

Can you get in trouble for using funds from a joint account with your husband and his mother only?

If your husband is on this account because he's on theJoint Account with Right of Survivorship: the joint account-holder becomes Joint Owner & can write checks & withdraw money from the bank or broker account or make investment decisions without knowledge or permission of other Joint Owner; easy to create; no legal expenses incurred upon creation nor upon death of Owner; no need for death certificate unless Tax Identif. Number must be changed.And the money is primarily hers or if he attributes money for her home expenses and your not on the account then the two of them decide your using this money without their knowledge and report you, YES you could get in trouble, it's called Stealing, fraud, money laundering.

What type of transmission fluid would be used on an aoutomatic transmission for a 1998 ford zx2 escort?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ( according to the Owner Guide )

What type of transmission fluid does a 2000 explorer manual?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the 5 speed manual transmission ( according to the Owner Guide )

Where is the dipstick on a 2005 Lincoln Ls for the transmission?

According to the 2005 Lincoln LS Owner Guide : The 5R55S automatic transmission does not have a dipstick

Who do you speak to regarding to a problem at a store?

the manger or owner

What tranny fluid to use on 98 mustang v6?

For the manual transmission ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) For the automatic transmission ( Motorcraft MERCON - V - automatic transmission fluid According to the Owner Guide

What would be your problem if you just had your transmission replaced in a 1994 Concorde and your car wont shift out of first gear when your check engine light comes on?

Hi, My '94 Concorde problem started exactly as you are describing. A total rebuild & 4 trips back to the shop & it's still not right. Found out that the transmission was replaced with a Chrysler Dealer rebuilt transmission years ago . Talking to the mechanic who rebuilt this transmission, he found out that the transmission was from an Intreped & not a Concorde. Don't know weather you are the original owner but this might help a little. They really had some big problems with transmission. You need to find out what code is being set, then you can diagnose.

When would it be necessary to use trouble ticket software?

It is always necessary to use trouble ticket software as a business owner. All business owners should use trouble ticket software to improve customer service as well as saving time and money. You never know when you will have 100 customers at once in need of your associates un-divided attention.

What kind of transmission fluid in a 1998 ford Crown Victoria?

( Motorcraft MERCON-V ) automatic transmission fluid according to the Owner Guide

What kind of transmission fluid in a 2010 Ford Explorer?

According to the owners guide, a 2010 Ford Explorer Uses: Automatic Transmission 9.0qt of "MERCON LV ATF" So ATF fluid Manual Transmission: 2.4qt of SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil ======================================================== According to the 2010 Ford Explorer Owner Guide that I was looking at : For the 5R55S automatic transmission ( MERCON - V automatic transmission fluid ) For the 6R80 automatic transmission ( MERCON LV automatic transmission fluid as mentioned above ) The Owner Guide doesn't mention a manual transmission

What weight of transmission oil does a 1999 crown Victoria lx take?

Motorcraft MERCON - V , is used in your automatic transmission according to the Owner Guide

What kind of transmission fluid does 99 Ford Taurus sho take?

Motorcraft MERCON-V automatic transmission fluid ( according to the Owner Guide )

Which is the organ is works even in vivo?

If any organs do not work in vivo, the owner of the organs is in trouble!

What damage could be done to a all wheel drive in towing?

The worst problem is that the transmission bearings do not get lubricated when the engine is not running. Depending on the distance towed, severe damage can result. Some vehicles have a way of disconnecting the drive train from the transmission so this doesn't happen. The owner manual will give instructions if this is possible.

What sport produces the most money for its owner?