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If you are over-weight, then diet and exercise will contribute to weight loss all over the body. Howver, you cannot lose weight in one area selectively. Only Liposuction can produce this result.

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Is there a way to make your breasts smaller without surgery?

not that i have ever heard of!

How can hymen repair without surgery?

There is no way to repair a hymen without surgery.

How do you get nice cheeks?

Do you mean as in applying make-up, or making them model like? The only way you can possibly change your cheeks is to apply make-up. To get "nice" cheeks in the model way, you can either get plastic surgery, or just have to be born naturally with them. Like me!

Is there any way of enlarging your breast without surgery?

Well I think the only way without surgery is either gain weight or get pregnant

I am 15 years old I live in Australia and I am a 10DD I hate my breast so much how can I make them smaller without surgery please help me?

I'm really sorry, I doubt there's a way to reduce size without surgery (unless there are exercises?!) .

How do you make penis bigger without risk surgery?

sorry there is not any know way to science to do so without surgery

Will hulla hoopin make your breasts smaller?

No. There is only one way to make them smaller and that is surgery. If you are overweight they might get smaller if you loose weight.

Is there a way to straighten a bent nose without surgery?


Is there a way you could lengthen your tongue without surgery?


How do you lose 500 pounds in weight?

dont get that fat in t he first place n the only way is to go into surgery chubby cheeks(((((((((((((((((((((((((((()

How do you get dimples without surgery?

Well, other than the painful, surgical option, you could simply get your cheeks, or non existent dimples pierced. If you leave them in long enough, it will create permanent dimples. It is a less painful and less cheaper way that cosmetic surgery. Although, dimples are a natural born defect.

How do you get smaller knuckles?

Beside drastic surgery there is truly no way possible. What you are born with is what you are stuck with for life.

How do you get rid of the bump on the bridge of your nose without cosmetic surjery?

There is no way to get rid of the bump on a person's nose without undergoing cosmetic surgery. That bump is actually an upturned portion of a person's nasal bone, and there is no way to fix that without surgery.

Is there a way to get your cheeks bigger without surgery?

I don't know of any way of actually enlarging your cheek tissue, apart from maybe getting someone to whack you or stuff your mouth full of food. However, to make cheeks appear bigger apply a pale concealer both above and below the cheek bones. Then get a slightly dark make up than your natural skin colour and blend this in a circle in between the lightened areas.

Is there a way to make your ears smaller?

Without a surgical procedure ... no!

How do you make a bump in your nose become smaller without surgery and would tape work?

Surgery is the only way to help this and if it's just a small bump and you are a female learning the right techniques with make-up can cover it up. In order to have successful surgery the patient should be 17 or older (after they have basically finished growing.)

How do you increase bust size without using plastic surgery?

There is no other way.

How can increase breast size without surgery?

There is no way unless you gain weight.

Is there any way for a 12 year old to getr a smaller chest without surgery?

Hi, there are many types of exercise that you can do like push-ups and stuff like that. good luck hope iv helpd..........

How do you make your breast smaller without surgery?

You could try exercises that strengthen the chest muscles. It wont shrink the breast but it will firm them making them appear smaller. There are also some plastic surgery techniques that are non invasive (meaning they wont cut you open). One is lipo suction and one is the lipo dissolve but the plastic surgeon would have to judge wheather that was the best way.

Is there a way to add thickness without pills or surgery?

Why would you want to add thickness?

Is there a way to help your nearsightedness without laser surgery switching eyeballs etc?


How do you remove a parathyroid tumor without surgary?

Surgery is the only way to remove the tumor

What is the best and fastest way to lose weight without surgery?

by doinglots of excerise

How can you shrink a long nose without plastic surgery?

Cartilage grows with age. Unfortunately, noses are made up primarily of cartilage and generally grow, albeit very slowly.AnswerI haven't heard of any treatments available that can shrink your nose without surgery. But you can have your hair styled in a way to divert attention away from your nose or to make your nose look smaller.

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