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depends...if it's cystic acne, it's unlikely. scientists believe that it's genetic.

statistically, 95% of all breakouts around the mouth area (primarily the chin)are caused by stress and/or hormonal influctuations.

acne can be managed if you wash your skin twice a day with a non-drying cleanser (avoid cleansers that contain laurel or laureth sulfates (ingredients that make products foam up or bubble). they are exceptionally drying, strip the lipid barrier and can stimulate more oil production!

Use only OIL FREE moisturizers.

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Q: Is there a way to prevent acne from coming back?
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What is the fastest way to prevent acne?

go to your dermatolagist and get their help. if your acne is bad they will probably prescribe you a pill that will prevent your acne. it has helped me alot.

What is a easy way to prevent acne scarring?

An easy way to prevent acne from scarring is to prevent future pimples. Other ways include applying sunscreen, homeopathic remedies, over-the-counter medicine, and seeking professional help.

Can teenagers have acne problems?

Yes teenagers can get acne problems but the best way to prevent acne is to wash your face every day. Once in the morning and once at night. Shhhhhhhh... I am Miley Cyrus

What are some acne care tips that can be done at home?

Facial masks and peels that are sold over the counter can be used to help with existing acne and as a way to prevent it. Keeping the skin clean and free of oil can help to prevent pimples or acne breakouts but diet should also be considered.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne?

Back acne is extremely common among young teenagers and young adult males. Back acne is difficult to get rid of if the individual is an athlete or someone who is very active. This is because back acne is caused by sweat collecting in the pores of the skin. Back acne can be treated through the use of medications and skin cleansing shower lotions. Back acne is something many people experience and is a common form of acne. The first step in treating back acne is to identify any causes of the acne. For example, if the individual is an athlete it is important that they shower right after exercising because the cause of the back acne is usually related to exercise and sweat building up in the pores of the skin. If the individual is an athlete the best treatment for back acne would be to simply take a quick shower right after working out. The individual should use cleansing shower lotions to treat the back acne. This is going to be a better alternative than using severe and drying medications. If the individual suffering from back acne is not an athlete then the cause of the acne is probably genetic or stress-related. A good way to remove back acne is to get on a medication prescribed by a dermatologist such as Accutane. Accutane is an extremely potent and powerful drug that is used commonly to treat severe types of acne. Accutane is incredibly effective against back acne simply because it dries the skin out, removing the acne. If the individual suffering from back acne is an athlete, Accutane should not be used to because it can cause dehydration and fatigue. If the individual suffering from back acne is not an athlete though, Accutane is perfectly fine to use, as it will be the fastest way to treat back acne. Back acne can be a frustrating form of acne to fight, especially if you’re an athlete who needs to stay away from medications. However, if you are not an athlete, it is recommended that you use a strong medication like Accutane to immediately clear up the back acne you may be suffering from.

What can be done to protect acne?

I used Clearaphil and it works like magic. Sadly there is no way for acne to stop coming. If you use that scrub you will have your face clear in a month. I speak from experience.

What is the best way to cure back acne?

Get someone (or you can try to do it) to rub your back with an astringent every night. Also, you can wash your back with a soap specified for acne in the shower. Because the skin on your back is tougher then on your face, do not use a moisturizer.

Is acne a natural cause?

Yes Acne is very natural. Your pores on your body overproduce cells and they become blocked. You have to stop this process. I've got severe acne and found a great natural way to cure and prevent acne for good. Check it out. It's great

What is the only way to prevent backflow?

Installing a floor drain is the only way to prevent back flow.

What is the best way to clean your buttocks?

Soap and a soft scrub to remove excess skin cells as well as dirt and to prevent acne.

How do you have no acne?

It depends on what you mean exactly. Some people's genetics mean they are highly unlikely to get acne, others are highly likely to get acne. If you have or are likely to get acne, the best way to have no acne is to remove certain foods from your diet. Foods such as dairy products, a lot of wheat, and fried foods cause many people to have acne. The book <a href="">acne no more</a> helps you to indentify the foods that specifically cause you acne, as well as how to detox your system. Acne is essentially toxins and bacteria coming from the inside of your body due to what you eat and drink. If you change what you eat and drink, you can stop acne happening at all.

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How to remove acne?

The best way to remove acne is to avoid popping zits, and instead let them go away over time. Using a salicylic acid based face wash will help clean out pores that are open. Acne lotions can help prevent new zits and get rid of old ones.

Cheap and easy ways to prevent acne?

The old fashioned way- scrub your face with soap and warm water with either a soft wash cloth or your hands.

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Does Chlorine affect acne?

yes it does since chlorine cleans the fat out of bacteria making bacteria harmless and since acne is a form of bacteria it gets affected the same way but when your acne goes away the skin tries to compensate for lack of natural oils so sooner or later that acne (may!) come back!

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Causes and Prevention of Back Acne?

Back acne is a condition usually found on a teenager’s skin and starts within the first years of puberty although anyone can experience it. This condition, embarrassing as it is, is highly preventable and sometimes, even curable with the advances that technology has brought to the skin care world. Back acne, while it has numerous causes, sometimes it is genetic and the person with the back acne must endure, no matter what the treatment pursued is.What are the Different Causes?The causes of back acne are numerous; however, in each case it is because the sebaceous glands were either overproducing oils blocked in some way. For example, a genetic pre-disposition to acne will help these glands over secrete their oils and the pores build up and become blocked no matter how much a person washes or treats the problem. The glands essentially program themselves to become over produce the oils and become clogged.However, a diet rich in caffeine, processed foods and oils, among other foods, can also program the glands to overproduce the natural oils as well. Many foods are linked with the overproduction of the sebaceous gland oils, which in turn allows the pored to become clogged. The clogging of the pores is what produces the acne. Because the clogged pores no longer secrete oils and other toxins, they become trapped under the skin, swelling and becoming pus filled at times. The soaps a person uses can also trigger the overproduction of acne as well. Because the skin on a person’s back is thicker than that of the face, this acne tends to be more serious.Back Acne PreventionWashing regularly is one good way to prevent back acne, although over washing will tend to irritate acne already present. When a person over washes the skin, it triggers the glands to produce even more oils than they did before, thus clogging the pores again. Because tight fitting clothing can irritate the skin, combined with sweating and natural oil secretion that produces the clogged pores and the acne, a person should wear loose fitting clothing. While this will not entirely prevent back acne, it can reduce the number or severity of the breakouts.Avoiding food that are processed or high in caffeine such as colas and chocolates or coffee can also help reduce the severity and frequency of back acne breakouts. For some people, these foods are the only cause of back acne and reducing the consumption of these foods can eliminate the breakouts completely.

How do you get pimples of your back?

A good way to get rid of back acne is to exfoliate your back with a light exfoliant every day in the shower. Other than that, it may just be genetics and you'll have to just wait it out:/

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Are there natural ways to get rid of acne?

The best way is the natural way of reducing stress. Although it won't immediately make the acne go away, it will modify the hormones in the body that allow acne to explode.

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Will acne be cured?

Sadly, there is really no way to cure acne, but you can prevent it. 1. Wash your face at least twice daily with an acne scrub. 2. Try not to eat as much salty and sweet food. 3. Exercise for about an hour every other day. 4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day if you can. 5. Try not to feel/be stressed.