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yes there is a way. You should be able to put the Power Steering system on from a standard 1969 3/4 ton, it should bolt right up to the existing linkage. Double check with a good four wheel drive shop. yes-buy a power steering gear box-2 power steering hoses & a resivoir & fluid.Ajunk yard (IF they know what there doing) should b able 2 tell U what years fit your applacation.OR go to & order U one-They only handle OLDER truck Pars.Thet come in handy 4 my 1971 K30.

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Q: Is there a way to put power steering on a 1969 three-quarter ton high boy 4x4?
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How do you remove high pressure power steering hose 2000 odlsmobile intrigue?

How do you remove high pressure power steering hose 2000 odlsmobile intrigue

What power steering fluid for 2001 Dodge Durango?

Unlike some transmission fluids, power steering fluid is not manufacturer specific; any high quality power steering fluid will do.

What is the output of a Power steering pump?

The output of a power steering pump is the high pressure side which goes to the steering box. It creates hydraulic pressure which makes steering much easier.

How do you replace a power steering fluid line?

draing power steering fluid before changing high pressure line silverado v8

Diagrame of power steering system?

Power steering systems can be diagrammed into two chief components. These are the power steering pump and the rack-and-pinion steering gear. The power steering pump sends pressurized fluid into the rack which moves the gear actuating the tie-rods, which moves the wheels in the desired direction. The power steering pump has a low pressure return line and high pressure out one.

Why does your W reg Peugeot 206 high rev when you turn the steering wheel left and right?

Power steering.

Can you mend a power steering hose with clamps and ajoint piece of plastic if you cut the coupler into?

No, the pressure in the power steering system is too high for the clamps to hold the hose securely.

How do you repair a leak in 1998 escort power steering?

Usually the leaks are at the high pressure line or the return line of the power steering pump. Tighten all the lines at the pump.

How much does a high pressure power steering hose cost?

$20 at autozone

What happens when the relay on the power steering pump of a citreon saxo vtr does not work?

you end up having no power steering and a high chance that yours inside fans will stop working

How do you change power steering high pressur hose on 98 Nissan Quest?

omo drenarlevel aire al sistema del power steering de Nissan Quest 1998?

How high do you fill the power steering fluid?

until it gets to the top :)

Can power steering high pressure hose be fixed?

Replacing the hose would be best.

Can you turn off the ignition of a car going at a high rate of speed?

Not a good idea, you will lose the power steering and power brakes.

What is the hose behind the engine on a1998 prizm?

believe its the high pressure power steering hose.

Where is the high pressure power steering hose located in a 89 Honda accord lxi?

It's right in the front on top. It goes from the Power steering pump towards the left side and then goes down, when you are facing the car

What is power steering compare to manual steering?

Power steering has a pump driven of the engine that pressurizes hydraulic fluid to assist in moving the steering rack. Manual steering doesn't have the pump, so the effect to turn the steering wheel is high, especially at low speeds. Manual steering racks have a higher gear ratio to make it easier but an example is to turn your steering wheel with the engine off. You can get an idea of how much the pump helps.

How do you replace a ford escort xr3 steering rack?

You have to disconnect the steering sector shaft, the inner tie rod ends, and the take 4 bolts out that connect it to the firewall. Also, if it has power steering the high pressure hose and the return hose has to be disconnected. Anytime after disconnecting a hose to the power steering system the system has to be bled of air or it will ruin the pump

I lost power steering on my car and there is power steering on the ground what may be the cause it is make no noises doesnt smell like its burning anything up?

the bottom high pressure hose on the pump may need the teflon washer replaced

How can you fix the mistake of putting brake fluid in where the engine oil or power steering goes?

Brake fluid in the oil won't be much of a problem. It probably won't hurt anything, but to be on the safe side, just change the oil. In the power steering pump it will be harder to get out. You'll have to disconnect the high pressure line and let it pump out, then re-fill it with power steering fluid.

How do i repair a power steering leak on a 1984 Oldsmobile toronado?

You will probably need to replace power steering hose-I have owned several toronados and generation two bodies with 307 v8 always leak at power steering hose eventually-especially with high miles-replacing hose always worked for me. When this hose leaks it tends to get fluid on belts making them squeel

Pontiac 2000 Montana is it hard to change power steering pump?

yes and no. with the amount of room, i rotated the motor, removed the battery, and partially removed the windshied wiper fluid resoviour. You must disconnect both hoses or the power steering pump will not come out. While you have the power steering pump out, you should replace the high pressure hose.

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir located on a 1993 infiniti g20?

In the engine compartment,passenger side,up high by the wheel well,by your oil filter,above the side upper motor mount.It is a canister about the size of a 12oz. soda can,it has a cap that when you turn it left and remove it, it has your power steering dipstick attached to it. Fill the canister with your power steering fluid to the "full" level on the dipstick.

What will happen if after replacing the power steering high pressure hose and don't finish to bleed air out of the line?

The main thing that will happen after replacing the power steering high pressure house and you don't finish bleeding the air out of the line is poor performance. Air will replace the fluid and prevent the pump from generating the required pressure to operate.

What Causes a power steering leak on a 2003 Trailblazer?

Check to see where leak originates could be: Leaking pump seal Leaking high or low pressure hose Could be steering rack