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Is there a way to repair a broken crank shaft in a 1995 Mercury Villager without replacing the entire engine?

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My name is Gary and I am a ASE certified master mechanic in both truck and auto. In the past year I have had two 1993 Mercury Villagers with broken crankshafts. The break is about 2 1/2 inches from the front of the crank. You can just replace the crankshaft with a crank kit(, but this still requires you to pull the engine and you need some mechanical skills to complete the job correctly. In the two cases I had, it was cheaper to replace the engine with a low mileage used engine. I used engines out of two 1995 Nissan Pathfinders. The cost was about $500 for the engine and you have to strip it down to the block and heads and change over all the components. This is a lot of work, but if you have the capabilities it will save you a lot of money.

2005-04-09 20:42:07
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Q: Is there a way to repair a broken crank shaft in a 1995 Mercury Villager without replacing the entire engine?
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How do you replace ignition fuse on a 1995 Mercury Villager?

To replace the ignition fuse on a 1995 Mercury Villager, use a fuse puller to remove the appropriate fuse. Then replace broken fuse with one of the same amperage.

Why is distributor in Mercury Villager not turning?

A couple thing come to mind. Broken timing belt, broken camshaft, broken distributor shaft. Are you seeing the trend here?? I think your engine is BROKEN.

How do you fix motor mounts on 1997 mercury villager?

There is no fixing a broken motor mount. Replace them with a new ones.

What would cause water to pour out of the driver's side of the motor on a 95 mercury villager?

A broken hose, most likely.

1999 mercury villager broken spark plug removal?

There is a tool made for that specific problem. Check with your local parts house.

How can you tell if your timing belt is broken on a mercury villager?

If the timing belt was broken, obviously the engine would not run. If you crank the engine and the distributor does not turn, that would be a good sign.

How do you repair automatic seat-belts on 95 mercury villager?

You don't. Buy new or good used seat belts. Don't try to fix them if they are not working.

How can you tell if your 2000 mercury villager is turning over with a broken timing belt?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN THE ENGINE OVER IF YOU SUSPECT A BROKEN TIMING BELT !!!!!! If you have, you already have more problems than a broken timing belt. Remove the upper timing belt cover and physically look at the timing belt.

What if your brake lights are stuck on can you unplug 1 side of your battery on a 94 mercury villager?

"Stuck" brake lights indicate that the brake light switch on the brake pedal is broken. It should be replaced.

Why is replacing a timing belt after it has broken more of an issue than before it is broken?

because you will do major damage to valves and pistons. they will all need replacing . or at worst engine replacing

What causes a trouble code P0455 in a 2001 mercury villager?

There are multiple causes. The simplest is usually a loose or defective fuel cap. Any loose or broken hose in the evaporative emission system can cause it as well.

How can you start a 1989 mercury cougar with a broken ignition switch?

how can you start a '89 mercury cougar with a broken ignition switch?

How do you fix the brake lights on a 96 mercury villager?

How you fix them would depend entirely on what's wrong with them. You'd have to diagnose the problem first, bulbs burned out, blown fuse, bad switch, broken wires, etc.

How do you fix a broken speedometer on a 1997 neon?

By replacing it.

How do you change temp sensor 1996 villager?

There's no need to change it if it's not broken.

How do you replace the shifter bulb on a 2002 mercury villager?

I'm not sure what a "shifter bulb" is, but if the shifter is actually broken, the most economical solution might be to swap in a salvage column, as I doubt any new parts are available at this point.

What is the procedure for replacing a broken hood latch cable on a 91' mercury sable?

first you need to open up the hood, take it into a body shop. they encounter this problem frequently in accidents and such. and then just replace the cable

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Where is the fuse for the passenger side and rear power windows in a 1999 Mercury Villager?

That fuse is located in the Power Distribution Box next to the battery. However, this fuse control all the power windows. So, if the other windows function, look for a loose connector or a broken wire to that side.