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I rigged it using a washer and an e-clip. Works great and extremely cheap!

AnswerYou could re-solder the grommet back on it is not diffucult but it is hard to say if it will hold well. answerIf your problem is like mine, ('99 Neon w/ 5-speed) then the plastic bushing inside the cable eye is worn out but everything else is still intact. They make bushing replacements that fit into the eye of the original cable. BOOGER BUSHINGS is the name of one's you can get from howell automotive. $21.95 for a set. Go to then click on Dodge neon and srt-4 parts then click on first gen neon '95-'99. Then click on transmission parts and you'll see a picture. I did a temporary fix on mine with a piece of rubber to replace the bushing at the tranny side of the cable. Now I have to fix the shifter side and I'm not sure if I can get to it. Do I get to it from inside the car or underneath it?

ANSWER 2. The shifter cover back to the little cargo box has to come out. Ther ar screws on the top near the shifter and inside the little cargo box plus 4 bolts on the sides in the back seat with a snap in cover over them. Pull park brake and then the cover coes off but it is a struggle.

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Q: Is there a way to replace a 95 dodge neon shift cable grommet with another part rather than replacing the entire shift cable?
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