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Is there a way to take the transmission out of a 92 Olds Achieva S 4-cylinder quad without dropping the engine?


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2006-03-15 16:10:47
2006-03-15 16:10:47

no there is not i had to find out the hard way


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You could remove the transmission and pour it out of the rear driveshaft seal. But I would recommend dropping the pan.

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No. The flex plate is on the transmission input shaft between engine and transmission. To get it out you have to pull the transmission. Fortunately, it's not hard to do.

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In some cars, you can get the rear bearing by dropping the transmission. For the rest, no.

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You can disconnect it on the transmission and it should run fine. I have done the same and have had no troubles, 4 prong connector on the side closest to your front bumper on the transmission. Most Likely would be the Torque Converter Lock-up switch in the transmission. Can be changed without removal of the tranny.

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it is 4475 times without dropping a hour with dropping it its 6853

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