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no there is not i had to find out the hard way

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 16:10:47
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Q: Is there a way to take the transmission out of a 92 Olds Achieva S 4-cylinder quad without dropping the engine?
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How can you change the transmission fluid in F100 without dropping the pan?

You could remove the transmission and pour it out of the rear driveshaft seal. But I would recommend dropping the pan.

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Can I replace flexplate without dropping transmission 99 Honda Accord?

No. The flex plate is on the transmission input shaft between engine and transmission. To get it out you have to pull the transmission. Fortunately, it's not hard to do.

Can you replace engine bearings without removing engine from car?

In some cars, you can get the rear bearing by dropping the transmission. For the rest, no.

92 achieva stalls at stop this seem to be a transmission issue?

You can disconnect it on the transmission and it should run fine. I have done the same and have had no troubles, 4 prong connector on the side closest to your front bumper on the transmission. Most Likely would be the Torque Converter Lock-up switch in the transmission. Can be changed without removal of the tranny.

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Is it safe to operate your vechile without a dip stick in the transmission?

It is safe to operate your vehicle without a dip stick in the transmission. The dip stick is mainly used to test the level of fluid in the transmission.

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