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Is there a website where you could buy good 1 Gigabytes of RAM?

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Is 24 GB ram good?

Yes, that is good. most new personal computers nowadays have about 5 GB ram. Anything above 6 GB of RAM Is really good the more RAM the better and faster you computer will do stuff.

Is 4 gigabytes of ram good?


Is 0.99 GB of Ram good?


Can a motherboard have 2 GB RAM?

some modern motherboards can handle 8-12 gb of ram but your motherboard has a specific amount it can carry, and your best bet would be to check the manufacturers website. BTW; a good ram provider

Is 3.00 gb of RAM good?

yes it is good

Is 4gb of ram a lot?

4 GB is a good amount of RAM for a computer. 4 GB of RAM is recommended for top performance of your PC.

Is twelve gigabytes a good amount of RAM?

yes it is

Can you have 5 GB ram?

Yes it is possible to have 5 GB of RAM on a computer, because I have had a computer that has had 6 GB of RAM on it.

how much is 4 gigabytes of ram?

For RAM memory 1 GB is equivalent to 1024MB, a good brand would be ScanDisk to use in some systems as a sort of backup ram option.

How much ram supports a 320 GB harddisk?

RAM has no correlation to hard drive size. You could theoretically use a 320 GB hard drive with less than a MB of RAM.

What does 1gb ram mean?

1 gb ram means a ram of 1 gb

What is bigger a megabyte or a gigabyte?

Gigabyte A Gigabyte of RAM is 1,000 Megabytes. A Megabyte of RAM is 1,000 Kilobytes. A Kilobyte of RAM is 1,000 Bytes.

Is 1GB of ram good?

1 GB of RAM is a enough memory to run all the basic softwares.

How many MB of RAM do you have if I have 1 GB of RAM?

There are 1024 MB in a gigabyte.

Is ram and GB related?

Can be. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. gb stands for gigabytes - a measure of the bytes of storage be it in RAM or disk, or diskette, or CD. One gb is 1000000000 bytes

Is 3 GB memory 160 GB hard drive good?

u could run vista excellently on that much ram and you would have plenty of space t o install on 160 gb although i recommend 500 for videos and what not

How much difference is between 1.0 GB ram and 4.0 GB of ram?

4.0 GB is approximately 1,000 songs

What is a good amount of ram?

A good amount of RAM could be any amount of RAM depending on what the user thinks is a good amount, depending on what they use their computer for. The normal RAM size that is used for a computer is 1 GB which is used to run basic applications on a computer. 2GB-4Gb is the normal size for a computer if you are planning on doing any gaming. In my opinion a good amount of RAM would be about 4 GB of RAM, because with that amount of RAM you can run every program on your computer very efficiently. Anymore more than that will not help you much, unless you do a lot of gaming.

How much RAM does a Mac Mini have?

The current generation of the Mac-Mini has three different levels available, all of which come standard with 4 GB of RAM. There is also an option to upgrade the RAM to 8 GB or 16 GB. All product information for Mac computers can be found on Apple's official website.

How much is X amount of RAM?

Questions like "How much is 2 GB of RAM" or "How much is 500 GB of RAM" can only be answered at face value, namely "2 GB" or "500 GB," or a conversion to other units. Any other answer is subjective, due to a persons' individual needs (whether it is "a lot" or "good"), and the price of various types of RAM from various manufacturers.

Can gigabyte ram on a laptop extend?

A 1 gigabyte RAM can extend by buying RAM upgrade chips, and inserting them into your computer.

What RAM do I need for win'7 Laptop?

The minimum requirement for RAM to run windows 7 is 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit).

What is a good ram for a laptop?

4 gigabytes is best. even more is awesome!

What is the difference between a GB memory and a GB RAM?

Nothing - they both mean the same thing. GB - stands for GigaByte... RAM - stands for Random Access Memory.

What does GB stand for when refering to 8GB of ram?

GB refers to gigabyte and is the measure of how much physical memory a computer has. Memory is essential to ensure your computer runs efficiently and the higher the memory the better. 8gb of ram is a good amount to have on a pc.