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Well, I'd say June - Mid July


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The season of summer lasts about 6 to 10 week in the tundra.

A whole summer long. :) <3

Yes it is coming on during the summer with the episode every day format they did last summer.

Glee sang Summer Nights in season 3 episode Yes/No. It was in the newest episode just last week.

Not yet her fourth and last season is due this Summer.

They are in season around Spring{ Different answerer.} To be more specific, the season starts around the last frost to late summer.

Saturn's season last for about seven years. It has the four seasons just like earth: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Hawaii does not have a hot season/ cold season- but they do have a rainy season dry season. Temperatures stay pretty much the same all year.

In Australia, February is the last month of summer, and often the hottest month.

Italy is in the Northern Hemisphere so it would be the last month of summer.

Officially, summer begins on June 21 and ends on September 21 - three months. However, the region will frequently have summer-like temperatures already in May and they can last through October.

That depends on your definition of Summer. There are three traditional US national holidays that define summer. Memorial Day (last Monday of May) initiates the beginning of the summer season. Independence Day (July 4) is near the middle of summer. Labor Day (first Monday of September) marks the end of the summer season.

In the southern hemisphere, August is the last month in Winter. In the northern hemisphere, August is in summer.

On December 20, this is the last day of spring: summer begins tomorrow.

the wet monsoon season is in the summer/spring. the dry monsoon season is in the fall/winter.

Roxy got her necklace for M&S last season summer or there is a necklace nearly like the one in Peacocks this Summer. X

Depending on the season (two seasons are shown on the show), the boat, the crab and general "it happens" they can make any where from $17,000 to $54,000 a season. The Northwestern is generally the most profitable ship, but they are one of the biggest with the most to lose. All of this info can be readily found on the last show of each crab season. The most I seen in a season was with the Northwestern deckhands walking away with over $100,000 grand for their two seasons.

season 6 is the last season of lost

They are on Season 11 of American Idol right now and the season will end later this year just before Memorial Day week end. The next season will start auditions during this summer. If there is a season 13 it will end around memorial day 2014 and have begun during the summer of 2013

3.. 1) I Know What You Did Last Summer 2) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and 3) I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Summer begins on December 21 and ends on March 21, which date is the beginning of the fall season. This is true everywhere on Earth, south of the Equator

"Last" is an adjective modifying "Summer". "Summer" is a thing, which is a noun.

nope the last will be season 92

Because The United States of America are located in the Northern Hemisphere, August is the last month in summer. For the Southern Hemisphere, this month is the last in winter.

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