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As far as I know there is no statute of limitation on auto repossession in any state. Check with your state Attorney General to be sure. I will post a link for you to read. Repossession should be your last resort. Hiding a vehicle from repossession is a crime in some states. The consequences of repossession are always bad for you.

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Q: Is there an Auto Repossession Statute of Limitation in Mississippi?
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What is the statute of limitation for repossession of an auto in Minnesota state?

There is no SOL that applies to this matter. It is purely a civil financial contractural matter between the lender and the borrower.

What is statute of limitation on felony in Florida?

I need a statute of linmtaion in Forida for grand theft auto thank you.

What is the statute of limitations for auto theft in AZ?

Auto theft is a felony in Arizona. They have set the limitation is seven years.

What is the statute of limitation for repossession of an auto in New York state?

There isn't one.This is a civil matter between you and the lender.The lender can try and repo the car for as long as they want.But usually after a number of years they write the loan off.

What are the Arkansas Statute of Limitations for Grand Theft auto?

That would be a felony in Arkansas. The limitation would be 3 years.

Statute of Limitations on Auto Accidents?

Statute of limitations vary state to state. In Georgia the limitation is 2 years from the date of the accident to file a claim against an insurance carrier.

What are the statute of limitation for negligence auto repair in California?

The statute of limitations for a negligent action regarding auto repair would be the same as the amount for any other type of negligence suit in California: Two years with the discovery rule.

Do you receive notification before auto repossession?

You will receive notices that your payments have not been received, making your auto subject to repossession, but you will not receive a date and time of the repossession.

Is there a statutet of limitation for collecting payment of a reposessed auto?

There are no Statue of limitations on repossession orders given to repo companies. Payments to the finance company can be squashed easily as going into bankruptcy!

What is the statute of limitations for repos in IN?

The statute of limitation for written contracts (including auto loans) in the state of Indiana is ten years. This time period also applies to promissory notes, however for oral agreements and open accounts the statute is only six years.

Statute of limitations for auto accident?

States vary in statute of limitation laws. In Georgia it is 2 years from the date of the accident. Meaning you can file a loss claim to the offending insurance carrier any time during that two year period.

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