Is there an Irish superstition about going to switch a light on and the bulb blows three times in a row on the same night?

I must admit that I have never heard this one before. Most rural parts of Ireland did not have Electricity up until the 1950's and as the majority of Irish superstitions are older than that I would speculate that there is no such superstition in Ireland. Anyway I would be very surprised if anyone would be so silly as to keep replacing the bulb under such conditions. Let me know where you heard this and I will research a bit more for you Yes to part one. Your question is a good one... During the rural electification scheme which only finished in the 1970's, old people in the countryside used to say a prayer before switching on an electric bulb. I suggest that you read anything writen by the folklorist Kevin Danaher who was professor of Folklore at University College Dublin.I haven't heard about the light bulb blowing out three times but to be honest it wouldn't surprise me if there was such a superstition. Just so you know that I can address this topic with some authority: I grew up in Ireland and hold a Master's degree in History and Local Studies from the University of Limerick.