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If the alternator is driven by a drive belt, the answer is yes. You adjust the tension by loosing the bolts on the alternator mounting brackets and sliding the alternator until the proper tension, (around 1/4" deflection at mid point of the belt) is achieved. If however it has a Serpentine Belt driving the alternator, then there is no adjustment. Tension is held by the idler pulley. If it is loose then the belt is worn out, the idler tensioner is defective, or both.

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Q: Is there an alternator belt adjuster on a 1994 Geo Prism 1.8?
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How do you replace the alternator belt for a 1994 eclipse?

The alternator belt on a 1994 Eclipse is replaced by loosening the alternator bolts, moving the alternator downward, and slipping the belt off. A new belt is then routed around the other accessories, placed on the alternator, and the bolts tightened.

How do you change alternator belt on 2001 galant?

On a 4 cyl. you loosen the bolt that holds the adjuster to the alternator and then loosen the adjusting screw. You may need to hold pressure on the alternator to help it move or also loosen the bottom mount bolt of the alternator to the engine to allow the alternator to move easily. On a v6 you loosen the center nut on the adjuster pulley and then loosen the adjuster screw. Remove the old belt and install the new one. adjust the pulley to tighten the belt and tighten the pulley or tensioner. Belt is now installed.

How do you change the fan belt on a 1994 1600i escort as there is no adjuster on the alternator only a spring loaded tensioner on the belt?

Use a 1/2 or 3/8 breaker bar to relieve tension on belt tensioner to remove and replace belt - the automatic belt tensioner is the only adjustment

How do you replace the alternator on a 1992 Nissan Sentra?

loosen adjuster bolts and take off belt......

Easiest way to replace alternator belt on a 1994 Toyota 4x4?

Loosen the tensioner bolt on your alternator. Slide the alternator to the left. Remove the alternator belt. Put the new alternator belt on and tighten the tensioner bolt.

How do you change the belts on a 1993 Geo Storm?

The power steering pump has two adjuster bolts. Loosen the top bolt, and then the bolt underneath the pump (facing from passenger side) to give the belt some slack. The alternator has two adjuster bolts and one bolt to hold the bracket to the alternator. Loosen the bottom bolt (next to the belt), then loosen the top adjuster bolt. You should then be able to move the alternator towards the motor to slack the belt.

How do you uninstall alternator on 1994 F250 truck?

Loosen the belt and unbolt the alternator.

How do you replace alternator belt 1994 Chevy caprice classic ls 4.3 v-8?

You will need to loosen the alternator tensioner bolt. Slide the alternator to the left to loosen the alternator belt. Take the alternator belt off and reverse the process to install the new alternator belt.

How do you remove a 1994 jetta alternator?

Begin by removing the belt from your 1994 VW Jetta alternator. Remove the alternator wiring harness. Remove the alternator retaining bolts.

How do you replace the alternator belt on a 1994 Honda Passport?

I have a 1995 Honda Passport, 3.2L. Look under the truck and find the alt. There is a slack adjuster under the alt. Loosen the bolt next to adjuster, then back off the bolt on the adjuster. Take off the bolt on the bottom of alt. Loosen the top bolt to the alt. You should be able to move the alt. to get the belt off.

How do you change 1985 Chevrolet celebrity alternator belt?

To change the alternator belt an a 1985 Chevy Celebrity: 1. Loosen the adjuster bolt and the mounting bolt. 2. Move the alternator to release the belt tension and remove the belt. Reverse to reinstall a new belt.

Alternator belt on a 1994 galant?

if your looking at you engine from the front view it goes your power steering belt followed by your alternator belt then at the back bottom is you a/c belt

How do you tighten the alternator belt on a 1999 Honda CR-V?

Loosen the mounting bolt/nuts on the alternator and move it out farther on the adjuster until the slack is removed from the belt. Inspect the belt to see if the belt isn't simply deteriorated (worn out) and needs replacing.

How do you find the adjust bolt to tighten a belt on a 1995 wrangler?

If it is a serpentine belt - adjusts automatically through belt tensioner If not check the alternator for adjuster or Power steering pump

How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Buick Century?

Loosen the alternator belt with the tensioner pulley. Remove the alternator belt. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

How do you change the alternator belt on a 1996 dodge neon?

First you back off the stud at the top of the alternator, than at the back of the alternator there is an adjuster tensioner bolt has to be loosened, then you need to loosen the power steering pump (3 bolts), then remove power steering belt, then remove alternator belt, then to install new belt do the same except in reverse order.... (found out the hard way.)

Changing the alternator in a 1994 Chevy G20 van?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1994 Chevy alternator. Remove the alternator belt. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new alternator.

How do you you tighten the alternator belt on a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?

The adjuster is located underneath the alternator. Three bolts are involved, the first to loosen is the main bolt that hangs the alternator to its bracket, the second is underneath the unit on the left hand side - this would be the actual locking nut. The third is down underneath yet towards the front of the alternator; it actually moves the entire alternator forward or backward thus tightening or loosening the belt. Once the belt is tight, tighten the lock nut and then the main attaching bolt. About the lock nut, it is part of the adjuster mechanism underneath the alternator; both the lock nut and adjuster bolt are difficult to see especially if you have air conditioning like I use to.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Chevy Suburban?

There is a belt tightener on the alternator which must be loosened to take the belt off. After the belt is loose, remove the bottom mounting bolt and the alternator is off. you will also need to remove the wiring.

How to to replace the alternator belt on a 1994 Nissan Sentra 1.6L?

BeltsYes, you must remove all of the belts to replace the alternator belt. The compressor belt first, then the power steering belt then the alternator belt.

How do you replace an alternator belt on a 1996 Toyota Corolla?

loosen the one or two bolts holding the alternator in place, i believe 14mm, then loosen the 12mm on the adjuster (side) and "screw" the 12mm bolt down to lower the alternator down enough and replace the belt. This is almost the same for every Toyota engine which doesnt use an automatic belt tensioner (serpentine) on the alternator.

Where is alternator belt tension adjuster on Vauxhall astra 2ltr van?

The tensioner is automatic, if it fails to tension the belt enough a new tensioner and belt should be fitted, beware it in not an easy job. Dave.

How do you change the alternator belt on a 94 GEO Prizm?

You can change the alternator belt, on your 1994 General Motors vehicle, by loosening the tensioner pulley. The loosened the tensioner pulley will create slack in the belt. Remove the belt and replace with a new belt.

How do you replace alternator belt 1994 Geo Metro?

You have to find the alternator then look at where it is connected to the motor there will be a slide mechanism that you will have to loosen which will release the slack on the belt so you can get it off.

How do you replace the serpentine belt in a 1986 Pontiac fiero 2m6 se?

The "serpentine" belt does not serpentine. It runs the alternator and water pump only. To change you will need to work from underneath. If you have AC remove the AC belt by loosing the AC adjuster bolt and sliding the compressor over. If you have to take the AC belt off better change it, they are cheap and you don't want to do this again for a long time. Loosen the alternator adjuster pinch bolt. Some Fireos has a adjuster screw, some don't Move the alternator to loosen belt. Remove and install new. Tension belt to recommended tension on packaging on new belt. Reinstall AC belt, use the tension instructions on the package.

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