Chevy 350

Is there an easy way to find TDC for 1 on a Chevy 350 with out pulling the timing cover and no timing tab?

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May 08, 2011 11:18PM

There are several ways to find TDC, but the easiest and most

accurate I have found short of a dial indicator requires nothing

more than an old spark plug, clear plastic tube, and a clear jar

filled with water. It is made up of a simple fitting from an old

spark plug housing, attached clear tubing and run it into a jar of

water. Bubbles will come out on compression, stop at TDC and start

sucking up water immediately after TDC. Work the crank back and

forth slightly a couple times to get accurately centered. It is

easy to see the water level position inside the small tubing. This

method is very simple and very accurate. Make sure to remove all

spark plugs and spray some oil in each cylinder. This will make the

engine very easy to turn by hand.

OR remove #1 spark plug and slip a small device of some sort

into hole and rotate motor by hand while feeling for piston to come

up. once you feel the piston keep going until it stops traveling

up. NOTE. the motor MUST be turned by hand. If you crank with

starter it could break off what you are using to feel with.

once you establish positive TDC mark it on timing cover and

balancer so you know where it is later.

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