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without making any assumptions, most exercise that works to decrease your bodyfat will decrease your breastsize somewhat as you shed bodyfat. If you are already lean and toned then it is probably genetic and somewhat beyond your control by natural means.

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Q: Is there any exercise that will decrease the size of your breasts?
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What exercise decreases breast size?

None are specifically intended to decrease breast size.However; any exercise that potentially decreases fat may reduce breast size from fat reduction as a side effect.

Do bra's increase or decrease the size of breasts?

Some bras don't make your breasts any bigger or smaller they just give support. push up give you cleavage padded makes your breasts look larger when they really are not!

Are there any ointment to increase the size of breasts?


Does running make your breasts smaller?

any type of exercise will have a result of loosing weight throughout your body which does include your breasts.

Is there any exercises to grow breasts?

No, there isnt. Because breasts are made of fat and tissue, exercise would just deminish them

Is there any way to lose weight without reducing your breast size?

I'm not sure there is a way to avoid shrinking your breasts when you lose weight. When a woman isn't pregnant, the majority of her breast tissue is fat. Maybe you could exercise to increase your pectoral muscles, but that has a tendancy to decrease the fat in your breasts faster than weight loss. As always, I say ask your doctor.

Does dance decrease child obesity?

Any exercise would benefit.

At age 13 how big should your breasts be?

Any size from not any to as big as they get.

Do guys like girls with big breasts or small breasts?

any size is good small r cute

Can getting pregnant at age 15 stop your breasts from growing?

No, this will not stop your breasts from growing. In fact, when you get pregnant, your breasts tend to swell and get larger. They are preparing themselves to be able to feed a baby, and there are a lot of hormone changes once you get pregnant. Your breasts will be the size that they are meant to be, whether you are pregnant or not! After pregnancy, breasts size could be different than before, but that does not have anything to do with age. The change in size could happen to any woman of any age.

Decrease size of image on Photoshop?

To decrease the size of an image go to image>image size>change the size to whatever you like. The dimensions that first appear are the size of your image before making any changes.

Show you images of exercise to reduce breast?

There are plenty of resources on the Internet and in health books that show you images of exercises to reduce breast size. Generally speaking, any exercise routine and a healthy diet will encourage weight loss, which may also come from the breasts.

Can you increase the size of your fingers by taking a supplement or vitamins?

No. Vitamins add nutrition. You can't increase or decrease any one part of the body except through exercise and weight loss/gain.

What excersises make your breasts bigger?

Physical exercise helps make your boobs bigger, especially push-ups or any exercise to increase the size of the pectoral muscles. But since boobs are mostly fat, unfortunately, putting on weight would make them bigger - or getting pregnant.

Do any exercises increase the size of your breasts?

Having children can sometimes increase breast size but there are no specific exercises to increase breast size.

What exercise decreases breast size in women?

Any exercise designed to reduce body fat may also slightly reduce breast size.

Can Saw Palmetto make breasts grow or get bigger?

Native Americans believed that saw palmetto berries increased the size of underdeveloped breasts, but there does not appear to be any evidence from modern times that saw palmetto by itself has any effect on breast size.

Are there exercises to make your breasts grow or get bigger?

There are no exercises which can promote breast growth or enhance the size of the breasts in any way. However, exercising the pectoral muscles of the chest and improving their tone can definitely be worthwhile as this can give the breasts a firmer and higher look.It can firm up your breasts and make them look better, but not change the size. No pill, cream, food, or drink will change your size. Size is determined by DNA and only surgery will physically change size.

What should be your breast size if you weigh 81 pounds?

As a general rule, heavier women have larger breasts, but there is no fixed size per weight formula. Two women can be of the same weight but one might have bigger breasts, the other a bigger butt. So to answer your question, there is no size, or even size range, your breasts should be at any point. Just love your body whatever its size instead of worrying about what should be what size. :)

How do you know what size breasts you have?

You could walk into any lingerie shop and get measurements. Most of the shops do it for free.

Is there a way to reduce your bust size by exercise?

It's hard to. Female long distance runners, really dedicated ones, often run off all their excess body fat and this can lead to shrinking of the breast tissue. But just doing a good workout 3 or 4 times a week will not decrease your bust size to any extent that you'll ever see. For women with health problems from large breasts (back problems, etc.) breast reduction surgery is a viable option.

How can you increase the size if your pectorals?

Same way you make any muscle larger- exercise it.

Can your breasts get smaller after stopping on the pill?

It is not that they are getting smaller, it is that the breasts are going back to their normal size. Birth control can sometimes make the breasts swell, just like right before your period. They will not be any smaller then before birth control.

Have any product to reduce breasts?

There is something called a breast reduction surgery for women who have shoulder or back pain from the weight of larger breasts. Working out reduces breast size naturally because breasts are fatty tissue. There are not products that reduce them.

What foods can make your butt and breasts bigger?

Unfortunately, there are no foods that will help you get bigger breasts and butt. Your body's build is determined by genetics and you can not change that. It is unlikely that your breast size will be increased to any real degree by anything except breast augmentation surgery. You may, however, be able to increase the size of your butt through regular exercise targetted to that area. For exercises that will help tone and shape the butt visit the Related Links.