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Is there any exercise that will decrease the size of your breasts?


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2008-09-05 04:26:37
2008-09-05 04:26:37

without making any assumptions, most exercise that works to decrease your bodyfat will decrease your breastsize somewhat as you shed bodyfat. If you are already lean and toned then it is probably genetic and somewhat beyond your control by natural means.


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None are specifically intended to decrease breast size.However; any exercise that potentially decreases fat may reduce breast size from fat reduction as a side effect.

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Some bras don't make your breasts any bigger or smaller they just give support. push up give you cleavage padded makes your breasts look larger when they really are not!

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any type of exercise will have a result of loosing weight throughout your body which does include your breasts.

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No, there isnt. Because breasts are made of fat and tissue, exercise would just deminish them

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