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Depending on your OS, You might be able to turn on your computer automatically, at a certain time. I know that on windows XP, you can set auto start throught the boot menue when you turn your computer on.

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Q: Is there any freeware program that will turn on a computer at a particular time?
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What is freeware?

Freeware means that a program or system is available without charge for an unlimited amount of time. This is in contrast to commercial software, where you must pay to get the software, or shareware, where you may have a trial period of a certain amount of time or have features removed.

Is freeware files safe to download?

There are some freewares that are safe to download and there are others that are not. To ensure that you computer is safe every time you download a freeware file, just make sure that you activate your anti virus.

How do you start computer at a particular time with a particular program?

Turn on your computer for a convenient time automatically Go to your Computer Setup (press Del when your PC is loading). Go to "Power Management Setup" and enable " PWron/Resume by alarm" and set date alarm and time alarm and then press F10 to save your change and turn off your PC. On specified date and time, your PC will turn on

When can you get computer viruses?

Any time you are in a program.

Did computer virus come from gaming offline?

It is possible. If so, then probably the offline game installer or package included a virus. Some viruses will take time to effect your computer, so it may seem that you were infected some time after you started using a particular program.

A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called?

A compiler.

What is a 'Run Time Error' on your computer?

In computer science, runtime or run time describes the operation of a computer program, the duration of its execution, from beginning to termination (compare compile time). The term is also used as a short form when referring to a runtime library (without a space), a program or library of basic code that is used by a particular computer language to manage a program written in that language while it is running. A runtime environment is a virtual machine state which provides software services for processes or programs while a computer is running. It may pertain to the operating system itself, or the software that runs beneath it.

A computer program that converts the entire program into machine language at one time is called?


Which of the following is software that you can use for an unlimited time at no charge?


What type of software can be used for an unlimited time at no charge?


What software can you use free for an unlimited amount of time?


What is access time in case of computer memory?

Access time in case of computer memory is the time a program or device takes to locate single piece of information and then make it available to computer for processing.

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