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Is there any relationship between oil leaking from the valve gasket and tiny bubbles in the radiator when the cap is open?


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2004-08-01 11:23:37
2004-08-01 11:23:37

Hey Bon==No, the bubles can be from a leaking head gasket. Have someone with a tester to check the radiator for gasses. goodluckJoe


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no, they are not related. tiny bubbles that make the radiator "foam up" is the result of exhaust gas leaking into the radiator. causes are blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked block. hth

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The radiator will need to be replaced. Sometimes, it may seem that the radiator itself is leaking but it could be the radiator "hose" that is leaking. In this case, the radiator hose needs to be replaced and clamped tightly.

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Check radiator hose, leaking water pump, look for hole in radiator, leaking coolant bottle or leaking seals.

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There is a small radiator inside between the driver and passanger sides for your heater. It is probably leaking there.

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Maybe it's not the radiator. Maybe it is one of the radiator hoses that is leaking. Or possibly the radiator cap or a level sensor.

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