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There is always research being done because Asthma is so common and can cause a lot of breathing problems. But there has been no cure found or cause of asthma. Try doing a search on the internet and you will probably find research done on asthma.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 22:23:05
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Q: Is there any research being done for a cure for asthma?
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Is there anything being done currently to cure asthma?


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There is no cure for lupus. Research is being done to try to find a cure. You can support any of the major lupus organizations who fund research.

Is there any research being done on Marfan Syndrome?

Yes. But no cure.

What type of research is done to find a cure for cancer?

There is a lot of research being done to find a cure for cancer. This research includes studying current cancer cells, genetics, and using experimental treatments.

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Several research organizations performing patient-centered research have shown promising results with the AM cure for cancer

Where can someone go to find more information about asthma?

One can find more information about asthma by visiting the Asthma UK website. This website contains advice and information. It also states what research is being done and how one can help.

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what research is currently being done on cri-du-chat

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The New England Journal of Medicine in 1992 reported that albuterol and other asthma drugs cause the lungs to deteriorate when used regularly.

How is asthma done?

i want to ask question about what should be done with asthma

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A significant study of veganism was published in 1985 in the Journal of Asthma, which used a vegan diet to treat asthma. After one year, 92% of patients exhibited significant improvement in asthma symptoms

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yes there is but

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Some research suggests that individuals with a wide variety of chronic disorders, such as allergies, asthma , and gallstones , do not produce adequate amounts of stomach acid.

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There are foundations that are searching for a cure.

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Scientists have been doing tests with stem cells and they have found that with the cells it can be a cure on diabetes. They have tested it on rats and it has worked. It can also help your lungs.

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Gene therapy is an experimental treatment in which genetic material is introduced into a person's cells to cure disease. Because it is still experimental it is being done at research hospitals.

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Most of the controversy surrounds claims that the diet can cure cancer. These claims stem from anecdotal reports and are not substantiated by scientific research.

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Yes, much research has been done.

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There is very advance clinical research being done on stem cell thearpy currently. Van Andle Instintuie in Grand Rapids, MI is doing advanced research currently.

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Since this disorder is caused by a defective gene, scientists are doing a lot of research to see if there is a way to repair or replace the "messed up" gene through gene therapy.

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University of Wisconson